Title Time range
Amazing Show Friday 7-8pm
Armada Night Radio Saturday 4-5pm
Behind The Iron Curtain Tuesday 11pm-Wednesday 12am
Big Up Basslines Thursday 12-2am
Bimbo Jones Radio Show Wednesday 6-7pm
bullet:dodge radio Sunday 12-2pm
Club Edition Sunday 4-5pm
Cycles Radio Thursday 10pm-Friday 12am
Dance Explosion Tuesday 10-11pm
Deep Sessions Sunday 10am-12pm
Dub Domination Sunday 2-4am
EDM Sessions Sunday 12-2am
EDM Sessions Friday 12-10am
EDM Sessions Friday 10am-5pm
EDM Sessions Monday 12am-10pm
EDM Sessions Saturday 7-8pm
EDM Sessions Saturday 2am-2pm
EDM Sessions Tuesday 6-7pm
EDM Sessions Tuesday 8-10pm
EDM Sessions Tuesday 12-10am
EDM Sessions Sunday 4-10am
EDM Sessions Tuesday 10am-6pm
EDM Sessions Wednesday 8-10pm
EDM Sessions Saturday 3-4pm
EDM Sessions Wednesday 12-10am
EDM Sessions Wednesday 11pm-Thursday 12am
EDM Sessions Wednesday 10am-6pm
EDM Sessions Thursday 8-10pm
EDM Sessions Thursday 2-10am
EDM Sessions Thursday 10am-6pm
Electric Boom Boom Friday 8-10pm
Elevations Saturday 9-10pm
F.S.E.D.M. Our Way Saturday 12-2am
FSOE Saturday 11pm-Sunday 12am
Genesis Thursday 7-8pm
HeavensGate Saturday 5-7pm
Heroes Radio Show Wednesday 7-8pm
ImakeitBOOM Radio Friday 6-7pm
In The Air Friday 5-6pm
Intercity Tuesday 7-8pm
Mad House Thursday 6-7pm
Music Is The Drug Radio Show Sunday 10pm-Monday 12am
Party 95 Monthly Shows Monday 11pm-Tuesday 12am
Seduction Wednesday 10-11pm
Solar Power Sessions Friday 10pm-Saturday 12am
Subdivisions Global Radio Show Sunday 2-4pm
Sunday Sessions Sunday 6-8pm
Supreme Sunday 5-6pm
The G-Spot Saturday 2-3pm
The Meltdown Mix Show Monday 10-11pm
The Week End Sunday 8-9pm
Tocacabana Radio Sunday 9-10pm
TOxic RAdio Saturday 10-11pm
Unleash The Beat Saturday 8-9pm

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