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Who we are?

Party 95 is an Internet Radio Station playing 100% Electronic Dance Music (EDM), also known as "Your Global Dance Channel"...

Broadcasting 24/7/365 across the globe, from our NEW studios in Jacksonville, Florida. We play the best dance music and air mix shows from world's biggest DJ's.

Where we came from...

Party 95 got its name from an old FM radio station in Orlando, Florida that played dance music until 2004, at which time they switched their format to Hip Hop. When this happened, Marty True registered the domain name (Party95.com) and had an idea that one day he would try to resurrect what was once the hottest dance station in Central Florida.Around 2007, Marty had a small website put up on the domain and setup some streaming dance music but it just wasn't what he had in mind so he took the site down and continued to sit on the domain until it was the right time...

It wasn't until November of 2010 when that time had finally come. Marty was sitting in his office when the concept came to him in sort of a "Eureka" moment... he sat there realizing how many connections to dance music he had and how many DJ's he knew personally across the globe, and with Facebook at it's peak, making new dance music connections was a mere "click" away.

So the idea started and it was full steam ahead. Marty, being a web developer himself, began working on the website for the new Party95.com and by mid-December, it was done and ready to launch. The site was soft launched and traffic was instant. The radio station officially went live on 1/11/11 at 1:11pm and has been broadcasting 24/7/365 ever since.

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