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Mittens Create a New “Dream” [Free Download]

Your EDM - Tue, 03/03/2015 - 2:46pm

Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, Icon Collective Graduate Ryan Collins and Orange County native Dylon have teamed up to create Mittens. Coming from opposite ends of the dance music scene, Mittens has formed a sound based around inspiring and uplifting music to create their own sound. Disregarding genres, from drum & bass to house & trap, there is no boundaries to their musical grounds. With tons of collaborations and remixes in the works with artists such as Buygore member Twiitch and LA based producer Fawks, they continue to gain support and influence from their LA peers such as Jauz, Ghastly, and Sullivan King.

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Kygo Teases New Live Stage Design & New Track

Your EDM - Tue, 03/03/2015 - 2:43pm

Kygo has just unveiled a new trailer on Facebook that appears to tease the Kygo live performance experience and a new stage design alongside a brief preview of a new track that, strangely enough, has apparent folk influences. Featuring a strong male vocal with a very unique lilt it seems that the young Norwegian is blending genres and toeing boundaries once again.

It is very exciting for EDM that Kygo is standing as the face of Tropical, especially with his incorporation of live performances to keep the more mellow-vibe interesting at big, traditionally high-energy events.

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Source: Kygo Teases New Live Stage Design & New Track

New World Punx premiere new single ‘Memories’ ahead of Coachella

Dancing Astronaut - Tue, 03/03/2015 - 2:29pm

Dancing Astronaut - EDM, trap, techno, deep house, dubstep

New World Punx are set to perform at Coachella next month, and they’re taking to the festivals platforms early with the premiere of new music. Markus Schulz and Ferry Corsten’s partnership went from collaborative side project to full on joint effort, and now hits a new peak with “Memories.”

The latest NWP material isn’t a straight-forward presentation of the pounding, stage-guided production they’d bring to festivals — it comes well-dressed; laced with vocals, a potential cross-over factor, and sonic strokes resemblant of a ballad. Featuring Cara Salimando, “Memories” may lyrically sound like a farewell, but is only an indicator that New World Punx have only begun a proper tear upon 2015.

Release Date: March 9th

Pre-order: iTunes

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Anevo – Desire (Original Mix) [Free Download]

Dancing Astronaut - Tue, 03/03/2015 - 2:12pm

Dancing Astronaut - EDM, trap, techno, deep house, dubstep

Anevo’s original production run continues with “Desire.” Adding another genre to his ever-expanding catalog of eclectic productions, Anevo dabbles in the deep end of dance music with “Desire.” As the name would suggest, the Swede crafts a sultry and sensual afterhours cut driven by its catchy samplework and thunderous sub bass. Like his past productions, “The Groove,” and “Burning for You,” the up-and-coming producer’s attention to detail makes the mix truly shine; subtle plucks and rich sound design present “Desire” as an impressive addition to his fledgling legacy.

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/194048603" params="color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

Free Download

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No Sugar Added reveals full lineup including Bingo Players, Deorro, Nervo and CAZZETTE

Dancing Astronaut - Tue, 03/03/2015 - 1:42pm

Dancing Astronaut - EDM, trap, techno, deep house, dubstep

The 5th annual No Sugar Added is less than a month away but its lineup is here to whet your appetite before the festival’s two-day tryst at Nikki Beach. A total of 6 stages and over 50 top tier artists will be performing at the famed beach resort at the far end of South Beach. A beach soiree to juxtapose Ultra’s downtown mayhem, NSA and its stage curators have unveiled the most expansive lineup of Miami Music Week, both in terms of talent and genres. From OWSLA-supported acts like Mija and JAUZ, to the best the big room has to offer with Arty, Bingo Players, The Chainsmokers, and Deorro all inking headlining slots, there’s no genre not represented at this year’s event.  Our very own Dancing Astronaut stage will be headlined by CAZZETTE supported by Michael Calfan, DJ Sixth Senth, Dzeko & Torres, EDX, Michael Calfan, Norman Doray, and Otto Knows.

The festival returns on March 27th and 28th as it celebrates its fifth birthday. Tickets are available now. Purchase them here. #NSAMiami

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Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore to release first solo album in over a decade

Dancing Astronaut - Tue, 03/03/2015 - 1:38pm

Dancing Astronaut - EDM, trap, techno, deep house, dubstep

Martin Gore, founder of the English electronic music trio Depeche Mode, has announced plans to release his first solo record in over ten years. Titled MG, the LP will feature 16 instrumental tracks. “Music is a necessity for me. I go into the studio at least five days a week, every week, so once I had the idea and the template, the process was quick and fun,” Gore said about the album, which he recorded at his Santa Barbara home studio in 2013. Gore’s goal was to keep the sound “very electronic, very filmic” and to endow it with “an almost sci-fi like quality.”

The album is scheduled for release April 28 via Mute Records. The first single, “Europa Hymn,” is already out on Mute Records’ SoundCloud page, offering listeners a taste of the cinematic, delicate and minimal sound qualities that MG aims to capture.

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/193220405" params="color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

Via: Resident Advisor

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Industry Spotlight: Krystal Lee [Ookay/Riggi & Piros]

Your EDM - Tue, 03/03/2015 - 1:29pm

As one of dance music’s fastest-rising managers, Krystal Lee has ascended the ranks from unpaid record label intern to representative of top-drawer talent like Ookay and Riggi & Piros.

Krystal first plunged into the electronic music scene when frequenting Dim Mak’s notorious weekly Los Angeles parties Dim Mak Tuesdays and Banana Split eight years ago. After inquiring about Dim Mak career opportunities to Marketing Director, Bryan Linares, she quit her paid job as a paralegal to intern for free at Steve Aoki’s iconic lifestyle brand. 

A rapid-fire learner and intrinsically-motivated workhorse, Krystal quickly conquered the art of releasing successful records and earned a full-time promotion to the role of Marketing and Promotions Coordinator. Mastering the ins and outs of both digital and grassroots marketing and promotions, Krystal dedicated three years to Dim Mak before realizing her true calling of management and the unlimited growth potential available when responsible for guiding artists to success.

Driven by her newfound passion, Krystal accepted a position with Buygore Management where she currently represents Ookay and Riggi & Piros. Working nights and weekends behind the scenes so her artists have maximum time to create music and never have to worry about the business backend, Krystal has propelled her acts into the limelight. As the main liaison between her clients and their record labels, she ensures that all release plans are carefully constructed and thoroughly executed. She also spearheads all branding directives, sets digital marketing strategies, oversees social media channels and hunts for untapped growth opportunities. 

Thanks to the early support of Steve Aoki and his Dim Mak family, Krystal was able to hone her eclectic music business proficiency into a successful management career that promises to only evolve from here. Curious and hungry as ever, she is constantly growing her industry knowledge by soaking in every learnable moment presented as well as consistently carving out new opportunities for herself and her talent.

How long have you been involved in the music industry? What specifically attracted you to electronic music? As a fan, I started going to Banana Split and Dim Mak Tuesdays back in the Cinespace era when Steve Aoki and DJ AM would be spinning regularly as resident DJs. That was about eight years ago. From the industry side, I began working as an intern at Dim Mak about five years ago. It was a turning point in my life going from working as a paralegal to working on the same parties I had so much fun attending over the years. The internship led to a full-time position as a marketing and promotions coordinator at Dim Mak  where I gained a wealth of experience in social media, PR and everything associated with running weekly events. How does your roster of artists reflect your taste in dance music? Do they represent your favorite type of music? I am a big fan of dance music in general. My personal tastes are very diverse and that definitely holds true  about my roster. Although Ookay is commonly considered a trap DJ, he’s constantly evolving his sound far beyond the confines of that genre. His Ghost EP (Dim Mak Records), while still including trap and big room sounds, showcased a bold exploration of genres from indie and electronica to bassline house and garage. My other act, Riggi & Piros, carries a much different aesthetic. Best known for their big room house songwriting, the duo has been incredibly successful lately in mastering Melbourne Bounce and future house styles.                                                                                                     Photocredit: @theholymountain Of all potential career choices within dance music, what drew you to artist management? While working behind the scenes at Dim Mak, I had the opportunity to observe a wide range of jobs and opportunities within the industry. What was most appealing to me about management was that there are no limits to growth and creative opportunity. That unlimited potential, coupled with the opportunity of watching and aiding in the unfolding of our creative visions lies at the heart of my love for management. Describe the artist-manager relationship. What are some important qualities to strive for in an artist to build a strong relationship? The artist-manager relationship is definitely a tricky one. It is important to maintain a friendship without losing any professionalism. The most important qualities, in my opinion, are to manage expectations while being transparent with one another. What is the importance of branding to an artist and what are your views as far as branding goes in managing artists? Do you take on a larger role in that area? A strong brand may be the most valuable asset to any artist in the dance music industry. Rather than trying to transform an artist to fit a given brand, I find it best to assess each artist’s personality and develop their brand organically in a way fans, new and old, can identify with. There is no blueprint for branding a dance artist, the same fans will identify with many acts for completely different reasons.   Do you look for anything in particular when bringing on new artists to your roster? Or are you interested in seeing more of a foundation to build upon? Instead of searching for a checklist of production skills and performance qualities when scouting new talent, I like to focus on the big picture. Because music is so subjective, and a track I have no interest in could be anyone else’s favorite song, it’s important to concentrate on an artist’s overall potential instead of specific musical details. Although talent is the first thing that will set an artist apart, personality and brand development will build a stronger foundation to keep artists relevant throughout the ever-changing tastes of the dance music industry.                                                                                                     Photocredit: @ohdagyo Representing such a distinguished roster of clients, you are undoubtably headed in a great direction. Where do you see you and your artists in the next few years? Well now you are going to make me blush In all seriousness – I am very grateful about where I am in my career and I credit that to the success of my artists. I am incredibly proud of how far we have come and my artists’ undying dedication re-inspires me on a daily basis. I look forward to watching us continue to grow, and as far as we have come in such a short time, it is tough to gauge the future because I feel we are beginning to discover what we are really capable of. Any advice for individuals aspiring to work in the dance music industry? Although working in dance music is probably one of the most fun careers you can pursue, it is important to remember that it is still a job. Everyone has to start at the bottom and will need to work harder than anyone else in order to stand out and grow in the industry. People glamorize the lifestyle of the music industry as a never ending party, but the most successful people find the right balance of both. What to you attribute your success to thus far? Despite my deep-rooted passion for music, I quickly realized I wouldn’t be a content creator so I pursued management as my chosen creative outlet. Deckstar founder Matt Colon said it best in a quote that really resonated with me throughout the years, “I realized very early on that I wasn’t so much an artist as someone who can recognize great art. I just don’t have that level of creativity that true artists display. So I did the next best thing, surround myself with people who do.” Right now I am surrounded by that massive amount of creativity within my team. Ben Hogan (Circle Talent Agency), Nikki Solgot (Circle Talent Agency), Matt Jenks (Baller Tour Manager), Cubby Cramer (Creator of absurd videos), and of course the inspiring acts I represent: Ookay and Riggi & Piros. They drive me to work harder and inspire me to think bigger every day.

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Source: Industry Spotlight: Krystal Lee [Ookay/Riggi & Piros]

Mysteryland Unveils Phase 1 Lineup Feat. Porter Robinson, Dillon Francis, Knife Party and More

Elektro Magazine - Tue, 03/03/2015 - 1:24pm

Mysteryland is taking things to the next level. Check out the star-studded phase 1 lineup of the 2015 Netherlands event.

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ATTLAS Emerges With Single “Scarlett”

Your EDM - Tue, 03/03/2015 - 1:21pm

Having recently stepped in to the spotlight, it’s fair to say that ATTLAS has become a buzz artist of 2015. Despite continued speculation over the artist’s identity, it has not effected the quality of the material being created. The track “Scarlett” was delivered to listeners on Mau5trap yesterday, and it’s completely unique with many twists and turns of uplifting orchestral sounds. Not only that, but it’s complimented by twisted dark melodies and rythms, leaving this track completely up to each fan’s imagination. This is hands down fantastic production, and it will not disappoint those on the receiving end. This is but a taste of what’s to come from the debut EP ‘Siren’ which releases March 30th. Continue to listen to ATTLAS, as more music is bound to be revealed in due time from this rising producer.


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Source: ATTLAS Emerges With Single “Scarlett”

Green Velvet – Genedefekt (Pleasurekraft & Carlo Lio Remix)

Dancing Astronaut - Tue, 03/03/2015 - 1:10pm

Dancing Astronaut - EDM, trap, techno, deep house, dubstep

On the heels of dates in San Francisco, The BPM Festival, and EDC Mexico, Pleasurekraft and Carlo Lio have teamed up to take on house icon Green Velvet. A flawless combination of crisp snares and a driving synth that provides the remix’s topline, “Genedefekt” gets a stunning reinvention almost fourteen years after it was originally released. Coming from Green Velvet’s second studio album, the latest remix joins Cajmere’s official rendition from 2002. While Pleasurekraft’s upcoming touring schedule is light, Carlo Lio has been tasked with dates in Detroit, Turkey, Miami, Italy, and Greece over the next month and his latest release is sure to be a staple in his sets as we draw closer to Miami Music Week.

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/193338876" params="color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

Purchase: Beatport

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Bass Kleph Remixes Mylo’s ‘Drop The Pressure’ (Your EDM Premiere)

Your EDM - Tue, 03/03/2015 - 1:03pm

The votes have been cast and tallied. Ladies and gentlemen, the winning ticket for our Bass Kleph remix contest is none other than Mylo’sDrop The Pressure.’

Regardless of your vote, everyone goes home a winner with this remix piece. Bass Kleph has managed to up the aggro taking the vibier original down stomp alley. The aggressive electro feels are complimented by some clever sampling, which brings both The Beastie Boys and Snoop into the mix. The signature hook from “Drop The Pressure” is implemented very tastily to the main hook making this an overall excellent piece.

Big shout out to Bass Kleph for working with us on the contest and for making an Grade-A electro banger. Check it out below!


Mylo – Drop The Pressure (Bass Kleph Remix)

Follow Bass Kleph: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud


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Source: Bass Kleph Remixes Mylo’s ‘Drop The Pressure’ (Your EDM Premiere)

Clefication: The genesis of Wyclef Jean’s past, present and future

Dancing Astronaut - Tue, 03/03/2015 - 1:00pm

Dancing Astronaut - EDM, trap, techno, deep house, dubstep

What do you ask a man who formed the legendary Fugees, produced one of hip-hop’s most influential albums, won three Grammy Awards throughout his musical career, and attempted to run for the presidency of Haiti?

“What are you wearing?”… That’s my first question for Wyclef Jean.

It’s three degrees without the wind chill factor in New York City: the coldest winter day yet and the foyer of ABC Studios isn’t much warmer. The work crowd steadily floods from the elevators after the stroke of 5pm; men in suits, women in business attire — ESPN’s Colin Cowherd is the first distinguishable face to make an exit. The first until Clef & Co. file out of an elevator and head toward the vestibule.

His flamboyant attire and immediate mannerisms are recognizable from a distance. Wyclef is approaching the lobby, one hand holding his phone to his ear, the other carrying his acoustic guitar. He’s dressed in all shades of white, from his Giuseppe Zanotti boots to his studded Dolce & Gabbana jacket. “It’s some old-school Dolce though,” he would later tell me.

Of course, fashion isn’t going to be the focus of our conversation, despite the fact that it is New York Fashion Week. I catch bits and pieces of Clef’s phone call and recognize the topic of music even through the sophisticated lingo.

We originally had planned to walk over to a Starbucks around the corner, but found it far too cold to walk even that one-block distance. Instead, the two of us rush out the door and hop in a blacked out Suburban parked conveniently in front of the building.

And now it’s right back to the “What do I ask a man who…” concern. On the one hand, I could spend days talking about the The Score, winning the Grammy for Best Rap Album in 1997, what it was like recording with Lauryn Hill or anything else Fugees-related. On the other, I could spend days digging into The Carnival and its place in music history. This time, neither would be the case — intentionally, that is.


Following a conversation around more current topics, however, I’d learn everything there is to know about the origins and philosophies of Wyclef’s long and laudable career. For one of the world’s brightest musicians, the lifeblood is through a sort of musical genesis — “genesis” being a term Wyclef would use a handful of times throughout our time together.

The back seat of Clef’s ride presents a far more intimate setting than a Starbucks and the bitter cold outside is quickly forgotten. We square up on Sweden. For Wyclef Jean, it’s the destination that followed his political run in Haiti, where he came close to running for his home nation’s presidency in 2010.

In Stockholm, he has friends old and new. The old? “The first time I went to Stockholm was 1999; I hosted the MTV Awards, so for me I have a lot of great musician friends there.” The new? Tim Bergling and Ash Pournouri.

His work with Avicii goes over my head for a moment. “Why Sweden?” I ask, “Was something lacking in other areas of the world?”

“It’s like when Jimi Hendrix went to England, he was searching for something. Marley went to Switzerland. For me as a musician, I was in search. As a student of the pulse, you have to know where the pulse is. Sometimes if it’s not in your city, you have to go find where the pulse is.”

He goes on to tell me that it’s the idea of inspiration that keeps the heartbeat going; putting the complexity of his Hendrix comparison in its simplest form. “I was hearing modern day Wyclef different, like when I heard the record ‘Wake Me Up’ I was like, I could be the one singing that entire vocal.”

“It’s cold.” He’s not talking about tonight’s weather in New York City, he’s talking about Stockholm, as he begins running me through his experience at Ash Pournouri’s PRMD studios. He appreciates the different studios being in separate rooms, and the comfort the studio presents that make him feel at home. “The couches are really fluffy.” It’s clear he recalls these sessions vividly.

“I’d be on guitar and Tim would come in, plug his keyboard in, and we’d sit there and write the songs from the perspective of two song writers. People like to classify genres like ‘EDM producer and hip-hop reggae producer’ but for us when we’re writing the songs, it’s not based off those sounds.”

He explains, “It’s based off the piano, the guitar, the melodies.” There’s nothing forced, there’s no EDM talk, no hip-hop talk, no reggae talk. It’s an organic collaboration between musicians. “That’s the genesis of what we do as songwriters.”

The list of artists who’ve plead their case for Avicii and his work in the studio is long and star-studded, so I ask Wyclef for his perspective on what it was like working with the esteemed producer.

Straight away, it’s an anecdote that explains why Wyclef’s hat is currently emblazoned with the hashtag #Clefication. “He’s the one who gave the album its title, Clefication. Whenever he’d want more of that island swag on the record he’d be like ‘Yo! Give me more of that Clefication,’ so that’s how that came about.” But Avicii contributed far more than accidentally giving Clef’s album its name.

“What amazed me most about Tim is his library of musical knowledge. You’d think Tim was born in the 80′s or something because his music repertoire — from reggae to classic rock — is insane.” I’d heard this one before. But he goes on to cite specific moments of Avicii’s brilliance.

Clef describes an insightful session where Avicii “Just starts singing… Tim is singing the entire record,” followed by another where he references Ray Charles.  Clef’s list of stories goes on. “He likes the Mo Town era, so he plays a couple chords and tries to figure it out.”

As if the world has suddenly stopped, Wyclef pauses for a moment; “I find it very, very fascinating.” His eyes light up as his runs his fingers through his beard, flooded with memories of his time spent collaborating with Avicii. Almost at a loss for words, or for lack of time to continue on with stories, he sums up Tim’s work ethic humorously, but with no intention of joking.

“If people want to say ‘Clef’s a genius, or Tim’s a genius.’ I’d say nah man, Tim’s a wizard. The stuff I’ve seen this guy do, it’s really some Harry Potter sh*t. Avicii is Harry Potter baby, I’ve seen it with my own eyes.”

That’s one I’ve never heard before. We share a laugh, but before I can think about what Avicii would look like with a scar on his forehead, waving around a wand, I dive deeper into the conversation of collaborations and ask who else he’ll be working with for Clefication.


He’s looking forward to a record with Emeli Sandé: “We already started writing this song, it feels like some Sam Cooke, Fugees vibe.” He’s already hit the studio with Afrojack for session he describes as “very dope, once again, the genesis of the music starting with songwriting.” There’s our favorite word again. He’s been working with people he feels are “as cool but as weird” as himself, including his old friend DJ Khaled.

“I want to do something with Rick Ross. I have a guitar idea I want to try out with Drake. I’m a huge, huge fan of Nicki Minaj, I think we can do some big island vibey sh*t that can be crazy. Real energy sh*t, epic and fun.”

Name drops of the hottest artists on the planet are pouring out, as if his own name wasn’t enough to stir excitement around Clefication. What you’ll notice if you trace back his career is that he’s collaborated with some of pop music’s greatest talents — or he discovered said talents on the brink of their future greatness. When I ask if anything has changed in his approach over the course of his career, he quickly answers: “The genesis of it is all the same.”

He goes on to talk about the learning process of producing The Score, the Fugees album that won Best Rap Album at the 1997 Grammy Awards. He fell in love with equipment, certain gears, certain synthesizers. “15 years later it’s still the same thing, if I hear a sound I’m like ‘What keyboard is that, how can I fuse that into sounds.’”

The conversation quickly leads him into production talk, both new and old. The new; “I think y’all are going to really dig the new Wyclef production, a lot of the new sonics and what I’ve been dipping into that could be really interesting.” The old: he dates back to discovering artists such as Beyoncé and Lauryn Hill, producing with them before anyone knew what they were capable of.

Now working with an independent label, he’s able to work with new artists. It’s an opportunity that has rekindled his passion to discover.”A big part of my career is the idea of discovery. I’m always discovering what’s going to be the next thing, that’s more exciting for me than anything else.” Discovery brings us to the new talent he’s excited about: a 20-year-old vocalist he’s heard that reminds him of Erika Badu and another who sings bilingually with ease.

Back to Clefication? “It fits in the space of where The Carnival fit. Just eclectic,” he references his magnum opus. “That was 1997, it’s even easier today than it was back then. When I was doing an album and singing, rhyming, speaking English, Spanish, French, Creole, people were like ‘What part of the store do you want us to place this in?’”

“If you love Beck you’re going to love this album, if you love Coldplay you’re going to love this album, if you love Jay Z’s last album you’re going to love this. For me it boils down to great songwriting, the only thing that changes is the sonics, just modern day sonics.”

It’s definitely exciting, and Wyclef echoes that himself: “What does a Clef guitar sound like against a trap beat and a Clef vocal?,” he asks, then answers rhetorically, “Like, even though the drums change they still say the same.” At the bedrock of it all, “Anyone who likes eclectic music is definitely going to dig Clefication.”

He says an album is always about a body of work, as his forthcoming project is, as well as the product, referencing “Divine Sorrow” to illustrate; “The quality of it, the sonics of it, it just sounds rich. It’s not just throwing Clef with Avicii and trying to do some weird EDM sh*t.”

As we wrap up the interview, it becomes abundantly clear who Clef is as an artist, and what Clefication truly means. From Fugees and The Carnival to Haiti and Stockholm, ‘Clefication’ is the genesis of Wyclef Jean’s past, present and future.

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Matthew Herbert returns with new album, The Shakes

Resident Advisor - Tue, 03/03/2015 - 12:57pm
The dance-focused LP is on the way through Caroline International.

Avicii Premieres New Collaboration With Coldplay’s Lead Singer

Your EDM - Tue, 03/03/2015 - 12:45pm

Avicii is truly kicking off 2015 in high-fashion. Having fully recovered from his health problems, the Swedish producer and DJ started performing and touring the globe once again. One such performance was at Australia’s Future Music Festival where the renowned Tim Bergling performed a new single off of his upcoming second studio album Stories. The track in particular is actually a collaboration with Coldplay’s very own lead singer, Chris Martin, who lends his vocals and piano riff to Avicii’s production. While the fan recorded clip isn’t of the best quality, it should still give you an idea of what the track will sound like.

Source: Spin

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Avicii Premieres New Collaboration With Coldplay’s Lead Singer

Kelela readies new EP, Hallucinogen

Resident Advisor - Tue, 03/03/2015 - 12:38pm
The six-tracker features a collaboration with Arca and is out in May.

Kaskade Goes Back To His Roots with His Remix of Late Night Alumni's 'The This This'

Elektro Magazine - Tue, 03/03/2015 - 12:28pm

Kaskade goes back to the sound of his classic "It's You, It's Me" with his new remix of Late Night Alumni's "The This This."

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Ilpo Väisänen presents Communist Dub

Resident Advisor - Tue, 03/03/2015 - 12:20pm
The former Pan Sonic man's second album arrives in May.

Sonus Festival reveals more names for 2015

Resident Advisor - Tue, 03/03/2015 - 12:18pm
42 acts have been added to the Croatian festival's bill, including Jamie Jones, Marco Carola and Seth Troxler.

Watch this: deadmau5 takes IndyCar out on IMS

Dancing Astronaut - Tue, 03/03/2015 - 12:17pm

Dancing Astronaut - EDM, trap, techno, deep house, dubstep

It’s no secret that deadmau5 is an automobile aficionado. The Toronto artist made quite the spectacle of himself when he unveiled his beloved, Nyan Cat-inspired Purarri that went viral on the internet for its audacious nature. Despite his continual jocular demeanor, deadamu5 does have a true passion for racing. Last year, he visited the legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway where he jumped into the driver seat to take on the slippery bends in a Honda IndyCar. Deadmau5 seems as excited as a kid in a candy store when asked to pick his car of choice and fans get to see a rare candid side to him.

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Watch this: deadmau5 takes IndyCar out on IMS was posted by Austin Evenson, and appeared first on Dancing Astronaut.

New Monstercat artist Karma Fields debuts audio-visual experience with ‘Build The Cities’

Dancing Astronaut - Tue, 03/03/2015 - 12:15pm

Dancing Astronaut - EDM, trap, techno, deep house, dubstep

ZHU may have just been one-upped on his anonymity game by Monstercat‘s newest artist, Karma Fields. Last week, the computer-savvy producer “hacked” into Monstercat’s Twitch weekly podcast to give viewers an unsolicited preview of the music video for his first release. Although it seems to be a marketing ploy by the Vancouver record label, it’s an ingenious one at that. Furthermore, Karma Fields’ debut single, “Build The Cities,” is coupled with a complete 3D audio-visual experience straight out of a sci-fi movie.

The music video pulls viewers into an unexplored virtual world where glitchy blueprints warp and distort to the beat of the track. The conceptual video seems to add a layer of depth to the atypical music listening experience as Karma Fields strikes a flavorful balance between intense melodic progressions and gritty electro accents. This release stands out for Monstercat as they continue to push boundaries of how music can be consumed and we can only imagine what the masked artist has in store for the future.

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New Monstercat artist Karma Fields debuts audio-visual experience with ‘Build The Cities’ was posted by Austin Evenson, and appeared first on Dancing Astronaut.


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