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DA Premiere: Slow Hands – I’ll Find Me (Original + Soul Clap Remix)

Dancing Astronaut - Tue, 10/06/2015 - 2:45pm

Hailing from Manchester, Vermont, Ryan Cavanagh has recently been identified as one of electronic music’s rising stars. Best known under his alias Slow Hands, Ryan’s induction into the scene began with his 2014 EP, Everything (We Are). A year later, the now Brooklyn-based producer follows up with a debut studio album entitled I’ll Find Me – which, at its core, is a fluid story encompassing themes like love, loss, and isolation.

In preparation for I’ll Find Me’s release on November 6 via Wolf + Lamb Records, Cavanagh has sought the creative assistance of Soul Clap and Wolf + Lamb themselves to remix the album’s title track. Built upon a heavily melodic framework featuring dramatic piano slips and velvety guitar strums, the original primes listeners for a slow and steady ballad that embodies apprehension and heartbreak. Yet Soul Clap transform the melancholic tune into an effervescent record that highlights “I’ll Find Me’s” scintillating trumpet and the pair’s signature tribal chops.

“The title song from my album, I’ll Find Me was the catalyst for a two year long journey into defining what it is the Slow Hands moniker has meant to me, and trying to define what I hope it will mean to its fans,” Cavanagh says. “It was written as a country song about heart break on an acoustic guitar with an epic bridge, and amazing trumpets supplied by Greg Paulus. It wasn’t until later that I translated it into something a little more friendly for the nightclub. These fusions are the intention of Slow Hands as a project.”

I’ll Find Me (Remixes) will be released on October 9th via Wolf + Lamb Records.

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Dancing Astronaut presents: EXIT Festival 2015′s Ones to Watch

Dancing Astronaut’s Soundtrack to Movement Detroit 2015

Razer Music Is Taking The EDM Scene By Storm

Your EDM - Tue, 10/06/2015 - 2:09pm

As an already successful headphone company, Razer has revealed the next push they will be undertaking in strides to separate themselves from everyone else: Razer Music. In the past, Razer has focused primarily on catering to the video gaming industry. High powered computers and attachments were tailored to one of the toughest markets out there, and now, they are using their leverage to break into the rapidly expanding electronic music scene.

The move comes as no surprise due to the quality of production equipment Razer already has in their arsenal. To help with the launch of their new platform, Razer Music has enlisted the help of some of the top artists in the industry such as Deadmau5, Feed Me, Carnage and more.

To start, Razer Music has begun with having artists give some of their favorite production tips for fans to learn about. Today they launched their new trailer that unveils Razer Music to the world and as a cherry on top, they also released a video of Feed Me/Spor giving a Drum N Bass patch tutorial.

Sit tight fans, because Razer Music isn’t going anywhere. Check out the trailer and production tutorial below:



This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Razer Music Is Taking The EDM Scene By Storm

Rudimental – We The Generation [Major Toms/Big Beat]

Your EDM - Tue, 10/06/2015 - 2:02pm

With the current state of dance music so catered to the preferences of such a widespread audience, it’s truly a rare phenomena when artists can develop such a compassionate fan base that’s memorized every word of every song released. In a world of big room house and overbearing laser synths, Rudimental returns with a brand new album that truly encompasses another groundbreaking approach into live EDM. Known for their heartwarming singalong lyrics, warm jazz elements and varying tempos, every single track from We The Generation is an emotional roller coaster that is sure to send a chill or two down your spine.

As I began my dive into the 18-track album, I had extremely high expectations for the group to meet, as I’ve been a fan since I witnessed the most energetic live set of my young life at Coachella. Within the first 25 seconds into “I Will For Love,” I knew I would be listening to precisely what I’d hoped for, and more. From the kickoff, Will Heard’s voice accompanied by the distinct harmonies of Rudimental’s backup singers set the perfect mood for an uplifting buildup of the drum and bass flavor. As the drop lands home, the chorus glides through soon after to make its mark as another classic, yet memorable Rudimental singalong tune.

The real reason that myself along with thousands of other fans genuinely appreciate Rudimental, is because every song embodies an emotional chapter in the long story of life. Ranging from the harsh, bleak lyricism in “Bloodstream” to the passionate, yet uplifting tales of songs like “All That Love”, We The Generation is a textbook example of why good music isn’t restricted to one genre.

We The Generatiowas released on October 2nd.


This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Rudimental – We The Generation [Major Toms/Big Beat]

Offen Music unveils Toresch EP

Resident Advisor - Tue, 10/06/2015 - 1:40pm
The next release on Vladimir Ivkovic's label comes from a Detlef Weinrich-fronted project.

A R I Z O N A – Where I Wanna Be [Free Download]

Your EDM - Tue, 10/06/2015 - 1:37pm

A R I Z O N A, where have you been?! After locking themselves away and brewing up some hits, this New Jersey based trio has unleashed the perfect jam to straddle the seasons. Their newest single, “Where I Wanna Be,” is a brilliant arrangement of the driving, melodic house that’s seen such an incredible rise this year.

As a whole, “Where I Wanna Be” is seamless, but there’s so much going on to make it so. Every attention is paid to meticulous details, from throbbing filters to atmospheric synth pads, complete with bursting vocals, a pumping kick, and melodic keyboard to throttle the track along. I could keep slinging descriptions all day, but it wouldn’t do this one justice. Feel like going for a sunset cruise down the coast? Buckle up and have a listen.

A R I Z O N A has even made “Where I Wanna Be” available now as a free download. So do the boys a solid, share the love on their socials, and be on the lookout for more to come.


This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: A R I Z O N A – Where I Wanna Be [Free Download]

Avicii’s sophomore album ‘Stories’ shines from start to finish

Dancing Astronaut - Tue, 10/06/2015 - 1:14pm

Two years ago, Avicii released his debut studio album True, which permeated radio airwaves endlessly. He followed the album up with a full LP of self-remixed productions (often referred to as VIPs, but in this case, ‘Avicii by Avicii’) before venturing into his next project, Stories. Fans that have found Avicii rocking the decks at stages worldwide this year have already been given a taste of the new album. Now, Bergling has let the cat out of the bag. The wait for Stories is over.

Fortunately, the wait was well worth it. The fourteen track long-play shines from end to end with only minor blunders to mention along the way. Avicii shows his maturity throughout Stories, daring to push further outside the boundaries of “EDM” than ever before. The diversity and dexterity of Bergling’s work brings the project full circle, resulting in an album that, while not groundbreaking, is undoubtedly an enjoyable, easy listen. Such is appropriate, as this is an exceedingly personal album for Bergling, each track representing a different “story” that landed him where he is today.

If you’re looking for some real electronic-focused Avicii tunes, he’s got them for you. “City Lights” stretches six-and-a-half minutes long, incorporating pleasant driven synths, heavenly vocals, and a standard, simple arrangement. Those that have been with Avicii since the very beginning will certainly feel a sense of nostalgia listening to the introduction of “True Believer,” a song on which Tim Bergling dares to sing the lead vocal on before Chris Martin steps in for some harmonic support.

But Avicii doesn’t stick to his nexus sound for the entirety of the album. The Swede took a note or two from the tropical house movement for the steel-drum filled “Gonna Love Ya,” and the trap influence on “Pure Grinding” is sure to raise a few eyebrows – or elbows – in the best of ways. Surprisingly, Avicii’s new hometown anthem “Somewhere in Stockholm” keeps the energy mild, while “Talk To Myself” similarly allows artistry to shine over the gentle Bergling production.

Avicii shifts the tempo down for a number of songs — some that work better than others. “Ten More Days” misses the mark with an exceedingly minimalistic mix and a sound that confuses refined production with under-production. On the other hand, “Touch Me,” which appears on the album in a different version than Avicii has been playing at performances, rocks a catchy vocal without an overwhelming accompanying “drop.” The shortest track on the album, “Trouble,” relies almost exclusively on an acoustic sound that is a welcome break from ten tracks of electronic dominance.

It’s no secret that Avicii’s album is absolutely star-studded. Martin Garrix pitched in for co-writing credits on “Waiting for Love,” the album’s most successful single yet. “Can’t Catch Me” is a Caribbean-themed song with none other than Wyclef Jean on the topline. Zac Brown takes control of the singing on “Broken Arrows,” a heavily country-influenced tune that appears to be the most likely follow-up to Avicii’s similarly stylized “Wake Me Up.” Avicii has done it before without the help of household names, but the album’s reinforced roster is nothing to complain about.

Ah, “Sunset Jesus.” Does this track sound familiar to you? That’s because the drop is, for all intents and purposes, a direct copy of the production underlying the “Dear Boy” Avicii by Avicii version. On one hand, there is no questioning that “Sunset Jesus” (named after LA’s famous Sunset Blvd Jesus character) works well as a song. Even for those familiar with the instrumental, Gavin DeGraw’s topline naturally clicks with the song. But the issue is still hard to excuse. Realistically, though, this fact will go unnoticed by the vast majority of listeners.

Front-to-back, Stories is enjoyable. If you approach Avicii’s latest project with intentions of finding an entirely new sound, ground-breaking sonic engineering, or any other trendy buzz words thrown around today to describe overtly refined music, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Listen to Stories for its catchiness. Listen to Stories for its approachable sound. Listen to Stories for fun. You’ll be glad you did.

Purchase: iTunes

Check out some more about Avicii while you’re at it.

Kygo & Ella Henderson Beautifully Cover Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams”

Your EDM - Tue, 10/06/2015 - 1:12pm

The Live Lounge for BBC Radio 1 has recently been receiving a massive amount of praise for its outside thinking and promotion of cross-genre performances from an incredibly diverse array of artists.

The latest offering comes from Kygo and Ella Henderson, who collaborated on the former’s track “Here For You,” as they cover Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams.” Both artists are at their peak, as Kygo once again proves his mettle behind the ebony and ivory, and Henderson croons above Taylor Swift’s lyrics.

The minimal performance, featuring a modest drum set and a single backup singer for harmonies, is proof as to why Kygo is among the growing trend of EDM producers actually worthy of saying that they’re outside of the EDM “box.”

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Kygo & Ella Henderson Beautifully Cover Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams”

Lollapalooza is bringing a star-studded roster for 2016 South America installments

Dancing Astronaut - Tue, 10/06/2015 - 1:05pm

Lollapalooza has become an multi-national brand, bringing some of the strongest lineups to cities around the world and securing its spot among the world’s top-tier of music festivals. Known for its eclectic selections across a massive roster of talent, the Chicago mainstay event-turned international music celebration is already gearing up for a promising 2016. Having just released the lineup for March 2016′s South American satellite editions, expect Lollapalooza to rule next year’s circuit.

The festival will play host to legendary acts Eminem, Florence + The Machine, Snoop Dogg and Tame Impala, with heavy support from some of dance music’s most influential stars in the rotation. Jack Ü, Zedd, Kaskade are slated to perform, among diverse billings that will include Mumford and Sons, Halsey, Alabama Shakes and more.

Lollapalooza is touching down in Brazil, Argentina, and capping off in Chile between March 12th-20th. In boasting such a grandiose lineup, Lollapalooza is bound to exceed fans’ expectations next year as it continues to solidify itself as an international institution.

Read up on past editions of Lolla here. 

Photo Credit: Rukes

Pleasurekraft – Andromeda (Original Mix)

Dancing Astronaut - Tue, 10/06/2015 - 1:01pm

Already touted on the live circuit by the likes of Nicole Moudaber, Adam Beyer, and Carlo Lio, Pleasurekraft‘s latest has arrived on Sian’s Octopus Recordings. Half of a two-track EP, “Andromeda” employs a covert bassline that takes second stage to a gritty synth. Straying away from their own Kraftek imprint which has touted releases from Jaceo and Tiger Stripes among many others this summer, Pleasurekraft’s latest arrives with a handful of credentials and heavy DJ support.

Purchase: Beatport

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Amsterdam's RADION turns one with weekend-long party

Resident Advisor - Tue, 10/06/2015 - 12:14pm
The free event will run from Friday night to Sunday morning.

Win a pair of tyDi’s custom Tear Me Up headphones from 808 Audio

Dancing Astronaut - Tue, 10/06/2015 - 11:45am

Multi-talented Australian musician tyDi is hot on the heels of his Nash Overstreet featured single “Tear Me Up.” To commemorate the success of the upbeat, dance-friendly collaboration, tyDi is giving away custom headphones. The songwriter and producer has created his own exclusive headphones with 808 audio, aptly titled Tear Me Up. Enter below for your chance to win a pair for yourself — contest ends Tuesday, October 20th — and listen to “Tear Me Up” for yourself.

Win a pair of tyDi's Tear Me Up headphones from 808 Audio in Dancing Astronaut's Hangs on LockerDome(function(d,s,id,elid) {window.ldInit = window.ldInit || []; ldInit.push(elid);if (d.getElementById(id)) return;var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];js=d.createElement(s); js.id=id;js.async=true;js.src="//cdn2.lockerdome.com/_js/embed.js?eec833";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}(document, "script", "lockerdome-wjs", "ld-715-9013"));

Ramiro Lopez – Get It Easy (Original Mix)

Dancing Astronaut - Tue, 10/06/2015 - 11:36am

Toolroom Trax made a welcome return back in 2014, taking a unique grip on the underground heartstrings that been maintained long into its reincarnation. Returning this month to follow-up on his stellar remix work for ‘Hangdrumania,’ Spanish techno heavyweight Ramiro Lopez steps in to continue the peak in output that has seen the likes of INTEC and Octopus Records embrace his thunderous studio etiquette.

A deep and rolling techno stomper that ascends and peaks in an elegant yet powerful way, the supple sample work of ‘A Deeper Love’ sees Lopez fuse the nostalgic with the outright relevant for ‘Get it Easy’ – a track as relevant to the modern club floor as it is subtly nostalgic of house music’s earlier roots. If Toolroom Trax is excelling at anything, it’s the ability to put the spotlight back on quality artists with an unpretentious grasp on the underground sound waves. Ramiro Lopez’s latest ticks all the right boxes, continuing a pretty seamless run from label and their Spanish cohort alike.

Release Date: October 16

Watch Kygo perform Taylor Swift’s ‘Wildest Dreams’ with Ella Henderson

Dancing Astronaut - Tue, 10/06/2015 - 11:30am

Kygo and Ella Henderson found chemistry in collaboration with “Here For You.” As their work together currently buzzes as one of today’s more popular dance-crossover tracks, the pair take their partnership to another level, experimenting live. Performing in the Live Lounge for BBC Radio 1, the producer and singer take on unexpected hit. With Kygo on piano and Ella Henderson on vocals, the “Here For You” tandem recreate Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams” — and they nail it.


Kygo’s music video for “Here For You” is here

Fireworks version of Kygo’s “Firestone” appears in new Sony commercial


RVNG announces Bobby Brown art zine and cassette

Resident Advisor - Tue, 10/06/2015 - 10:14am
The package features interpretations of Brown's music by Austin Cesear and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith.

ephemerals – You’ll Never See Me Cry (MOODS Remix)

Dancing Astronaut - Tue, 10/06/2015 - 10:05am

Boogie Angst favourite Moods doesn’t really do predictable. Through a sparing run of releases, the Rotterdam native has shown a new and exciting edge to the European indie dance world, keeping listeners consistently guessing along the way. Behind the wheel of ‘You’ll Never See Me Cry’ this month for Jalapeno Records, the rising Dutchman turns Ephemerals emotive album single into a soulfully charged slice of nostalgic R&B beats with a luscious instrumental twist. For someone who’s only repetitive feature is outright quality, Moods continues to dazzle and dive with creative prowess in a way that sounds truly unique on the European front.

Release Date: October 23

Leif returns with second album, Taraxacum

Resident Advisor - Tue, 10/06/2015 - 9:49am
The UK producer's next LP lands on UntilMyHeartStops in November.

Good Morning Mix: Astronomar’s HARD Day of the Dead mixtape

Dancing Astronaut - Tue, 10/06/2015 - 9:00am

As Day of the Dead 2015 quickly approaches, HARD has been releasing a series of mixes from artists on its lineup. For their fourth installment in the mixtape series, they’ve released a mix curated by Astronomar.

Astronomar’s official mix is arguably the most impressive in the series thus far, and certainly the most bizarre. Over an esoterically energetic hour, Astronomar displays a mastery of genre-blending, moving between tech house, bassline house, trap, dubstep, and innumerable musical variations in between.

Past a diversity of genres, Astronomar proves an appreciation for a drastically splayed timeline of unique, tech-infused music. Amidst recent releases and unreleased tracks, Astronomar peppers in older, more abstruse songs like “Playground” by Marble Players (a collective comprised of of French producers and label heads Para One, Bobmo, and Surkin). With his new EP still fresh off the press, Astronomar could have used this mixtape as a promotional vane. Instead, he decided to gift listeners with a medley of the electro which inspired him in both the past and the present. Enjoy the fruits of his inspiration below.

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Moscow techno crew Monasterio starts a label

Resident Advisor - Tue, 10/06/2015 - 6:49am
Oliver Deutschmann and resident Unbalance appear on its first release, a compilation EP.

Barbican lines up Nils Frahm marathon weekend

Resident Advisor - Tue, 10/06/2015 - 5:37am
The three-day event, which will feature performances from Frahm and his peers, is happening in July 2016.

Akkord return with new 10-inch, Obelisk

Resident Advisor - Mon, 10/05/2015 - 11:31pm
The Houndstooth two-tracker marks the duo's first new material of 2015.


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