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Madonna Is Responsible For The World’s Most Viral Dances

Your EDM - Fri, 02/05/2016 - 8:14pm

Madonna has gone through more than her fair share of incarnations, and knows a thing or two about the world of popular culture. To say she’s adept at forecasting trends and creating viral campaigns is a gross understatement, and her business venture, DanceOn, is only further testament.

DanceOn creates viral dance hits. They do it by promoting the content of 1,200 dance “influencers,” creating a digital network to gain exposure and instigate engagement. Artist contracts can range from a single track, to an entire catalog, and DanceOn can offer everything from management to promotion. In the case of Silentó’s “Watch Me,” DanceOn asked 50 of their creators to upload their own interpretations of the video, which had a direct part in driving over 250 million views in three months. In fact, YouTube’s Most Viral Video of the year is of toddler Heaven King dancing to the song. And over 644 million views later, everyone knows how to whip into a Nae Nae.

Just think, Madonna’s already played with Diplo; it’s only a matter of time before she crafts dance music’s next “Macarena.”


H/T Business Insider

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Source: Madonna Is Responsible For The World’s Most Viral Dances

Watch One Of The Craziest B2B2B2B2B2Bs Of All Time [Video]

Your EDM - Fri, 02/05/2016 - 7:14pm

B2Bs (or “back to backs”) are one of the best treats for attendees of any live show these days. Paying to see one artist in particular and instead getting a wild, untethered mashup of friends, collaborators and unexpected DJs behind the decks is something we secretly hope for every time we enter the club. The only time it gets better is when a whopping six of bass music’s most celebrated producers throw down together, shattering all expectations and creating an experience of a lifetime for those lucky enough to be in attendance.

This week, as part of Jauz‘s new Friendzy Tour, history was made when Jauz was joined by none other than Ookay, Borgore, Snails, Marshmello and Getter for a crowded and relentless foray in front of a Los Angeles crowd. As unimaginably heavy trap and dubstep come screeching out of the speakers during the eight-minute clip, the fans can be seen jumping, grooving and giving the front barrier a run for its money.

If this video is any indicator of the rest of Jauz’s tour, then we suggest grabbing your tickets immediately before you miss out on the carnage. (Though tonight’s second LA show is already far sold out.) Watch the full clip below.

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The Friendzy tour Jauz b2b Borgore b2b Getter b2b Snails b2b Ookay b2b marshmello

Posted by JAUZ on Friday, February 5, 2016

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Watch One Of The Craziest B2B2B2B2B2Bs Of All Time [Video]

Eric Prydz’s ‘Opus’ cements his legendary status [Review]

Dancing Astronaut - Fri, 02/05/2016 - 6:47pm

Eric Prydz doesn’t deal in subtleties. Rather, every move he makes is a grand gesture, building towards a larger vision at stake. The latest piece of the Swedish producer’s story is arguably his most important offering yet: his debut artist album. For an artist nearly twenty years into his career, it’s a seemingly odd circumstance — but then again, Prydz has never been one to conform to the beaten path.

Opus, as the album title goes, is double-disc release, containing 19 original songs from Prydz. The tracklist is a mixture of old staples, elusive IDs, and freshly arranged new material. It’s an album that’s been ten years in the making, with some of the ideas spawning back over a decade. While the Swedish veteran formerly released his 3-disc series Eric Prydz Presents Pryda in 2012, Opus marks his first-ever album under his personal namesake.

Old Favorites

The LP begins with one of Prydz’s most coveted tracks of all: “Liam.” The single, formerly known as a Pryda original, is notable for serving as the opening to Prydz’s 2013 Essential Mix, which went on to win Essential Mix of the Year. The track’s metallic arp and string progression are just as alluring this time around, serving as a fantastic introduction to Opus.

“Mija” is another fan-favorite, first arriving on Pryda 028 in 2014. The track has been re-scored with a beautiful, cinematic breakdown, making it easily one of the standout tracks from the album. Lastly, “Every Day,” Prydz’s iconic crossover smash from 2012 is finally seeing a formal release after being pulled down from streaming catalogues and digital distributors in 2014 for unknown issues.

New Material

The best part of Opus, of course, is the plethora of brand new Prydz songs. While some of them are long-awaited secret weapons from his live sets, others are just seeing the light of day for the first time. “Moody Mondays” is one such example. The track is an homage to seminal ‘80s New Wave acts like New Order and Depeche Mode. Aside from being a beautiful tribute, it’s a potent new offering in its own right with its big sawtooth bassline and nostalgic vocal on top.

“Oddity” has already become a favorite among the newer material. It’s the longest cut on the album next to “Opus,” and a deeper, more cerebral production — the kind that effortlessly sucks one away into contemplative musing across its 8-minute span. “Trubble” is another clear standout. With a nod to Prydz’s harder, techno creations as Cirez D, it’s easily the darkest offering on the album.

“Sunset at Cafe Mambo” is Prydz’s ode to Ibiza, showcasing six-and-a-half minutes of beatless beauty. “Breathe,” his collaboration with Rob Swire, is likely the album’s most palatable crossover cut, destined for commercial success with its seamless melodic development and anthemic vocal hook. Finally, songs like “Som Sas” and “Floj” help round out the tracklist, bringing some long-awaited live IDs out of the darkness.

Overall Thoughts

All in all, Opus is a timeless debut. With a mix of old, new, and unreleased offerings, it’s the perfect sampler of Prydz’s storied body of work. While it’s not a ground-breaking release in any sense, it didn’t need to be. Rather, it’s a studio masterclass, showcasing the lifelong work of one of the best producers in the game. Die-hards may lament the inclusion of popular singles like “Liberate” and “Generate,” but it would be disingenuous to ignore two of his most successful tracks to date on his debut artist offering. With 19 tracks spanning the gamut of his styles, Opus is the quintessential artist album from one of reigning kings of progressive house.

Must Listens: “Oddity,” “Trubble,” “Moody Mondays”

Purchase: iTunes

MANIK and option4 team up as 909 Til Infinity for Treasure Fingers’ new label

Dancing Astronaut - Fri, 02/05/2016 - 4:29pm

Chris Manik and Brennen Bryarly have been killing dancefloors for quite some time as MANIK and option4 respectively, releasing huge tracks on some of the most well-respected labels in the world while pushing sounds that run the gamut from sublime techno to funk-infused house. While both of the guys admittedly dislike collaborations, their new project 909 Til Infinity finds the two pairing up for a boundary-pushing, party-starting sound that combines elements of techno, house and fun into one big steaming mess of dancefloor madness.

We caught up with the duo to talk about collaborating in the modern era, Treasure Fingers’ new label Psycho Disco and NBA Jam.

DA: So how did this all come about?

BB: I was in LA and Chris hit me up one day and told me to come over to the studio to hang out.

CM: I had a scratch beat going and he jumped on it and next thing you know we had an EP done.

BB: In general I HATE making music with people, but we messed around and wrote a full on HIT in like 4 hours. And then we were like uhhh, we should do that again sometime. Chris for some reason is my Huckleberry – when we’re in the studio, it just clicks.

CM: I don’t like collaborations either. Unless you get me in the studio with Russ Westbrook, I wont do it. But basically we wrote about 8 tracks last year in total on about three or four trips when Brennen was out here in LA.

DA: Did you end up finding a middle ground between your own individual styles?

BB: That’s the best part of the duo actually – we’re making music we would never make or release on our own, so it’s like a full-on true duo. A lot of people fake it, call themselves a duo and one guy makes the music and the other guy does the marketing or whatever. This has been rad because we have written every tune together in the studio together, not sending stems back and forth. We’re trying to release music with a bit of an edge. I don’t know of anyone that’s really pushing what we’re pushing at the moment. It’s definitely a U.S. sound, but it walks the line a little bit – it’s not full on bass house, or whatever the kids are calling it, but it’s not techno either.

CM: I would say it’s just good party music. When making music we pride ourselves in trying to make fun stuff. We make all the lyrics – there’s no samples. For example, on the second track on our record that comes out next week, Brennen said on the mic “Don’t clock me out cos I’m still workin.”

BB: Yeah it’s all my beautiful golden angel voice, haha.

CM: And then we have a few other catchy things going on some other jams. On “Dee” we said mid-break, “Hold up, hold up! Spin the record back man, this shit’s been going on wayyy too long – I ain’t no husband!” Things like that make this 909 project real fun. Works well on the dancefloor too.

DA: How did you end up linking w Ashley (Treasure Fingers) for his new label?

BB: We’ve all been friends for a while and we were trying to find a home for the quirky records we were making. So when he started his new label up, we sent the tracks over to him and like two hours later, he got back and was like, “Umm hi, I’d like to sign ALL of these.” Couldn’t be happier working with friends.

DA: And the name 909 Til Infinity – is that just out of love for the 909?

CM: I love music gear and old school hip hop and we both are huge NBA fans, so the whole branding for this project is very old-school NBA.

BB: Real life true story though – there’s no one in the U.S. that can beat me at NBA Jam – you can quote me on that. One time Kastle and Amtrac tried to challenge me and I beat them like 114 to 7, and that was with the computer cheating for them.

DA: What can we expect from 909 Til Infinity moving forward?

CM: We have our new Don’t Clock Me Out EP dropping next Friday (2/11) and then a single on Nurvous at the end of March. We’re aiming for a debut tour before 2016 ends with pizzas and beers in hand!

BB: We’re adamant about making all the music TOGETHER in the studio at the same time, in real life. The focus is just to make edgy fun music and ALOT of it.

Listen below to the premiere of “Do That,” out February 11 on Psycho Disco Records, and stay tuned for more party-busting jams from 909 Til Infinity.

The Chainsmokers prime their next crossover hit with ‘Don’t Let Me Down’

Dancing Astronaut - Fri, 02/05/2016 - 4:12pm

Despite rising to fame with their satirical hit “#SELFIE,” The Chainsmokers have found their highest form of artistry in exploring the more eclectic side of electronic music. Their June collaboration “Roses,” for instance, took on an indie, downtempo atmosphere and employed Rozes’ rich vocals, enamoring global audiences and assuming a #1 spot on Billboard as the new year approached.

After their SoundCloud experienced an extended period of time with no activity, the duo have returned with a powerful new follow-up to “Roses” called “Don’t Let Me Down.” Featuring moving verses sung by Daya and electric guitar accents inspired by The XX, the new single stands out from other Chainsmokers productions by venturing into trap. Progressing into three different parts, “Don’t Let Me Down” is another testament to the duo’s abilities beyond their mainstage personas.

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Martin Garrix and Dyro Collab Almost Complete

Your EDM - Fri, 02/05/2016 - 4:07pm

Back in November we first reported that Martin Garrix and Dyro had hit the studio together and were busy working on a collaborative track. Now three months later the two artists are just about finished and hopefully we’ll all be able to listen to the final product soon.

Dyro shared a photo of the two producers from Sunburn Festival in India captioned “Finishing a hit song with this guy next week.”

Finishing a hitsong with this guy next week. @martingarrix

A photo posted by Dyro (@dyro) on Feb 4, 2016 at 7:03pm PST

Check out the short teaser below first uploaded back in November as well to get yourself ready!


H/T: Dancing Astronaut |  Featured Image Source: We Rave You

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Source: Martin Garrix and Dyro Collab Almost Complete

New Photos Released Of Daft Punk’s First UK Tour

Your EDM - Fri, 02/05/2016 - 4:01pm

Most casual listeners today will only know Daft Punk in their helmets; it’s not surprising, given how iconic they’ve become. And while it almost seems foolish to have to say this, there was a time before the helmets when Daft Punk was just Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, rather than our favorite robots.

Pictures from Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo’s first ever live UK tour have surfaced, capturing them in action at Heavenly Social, London After Midnight and Tribal Gathering in 1995 and ’96.

In Daft Punk’s own words, you could say that Bangalter and de Homem-Christo are … human after all.


via Mixmag

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Source: New Photos Released Of Daft Punk’s First UK Tour

Your EDM Premiere: Varcity – JR

Your EDM - Fri, 02/05/2016 - 3:40pm

Lined up for release today through Micropope comes the Baked Goods EP from tech house pairing Varcity. With their bold approach to production continuing to turn heads, they release two tracks within this package – the title track and the brilliant ‘JR’, which we have the premiere of.

This uplifting house tune is full of substance, whether it’s the electro charged bass line or the samples of Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech that run within, ‘JR’ is a vibrant offering with plenty of flavour. Check it out!

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Your EDM Premiere: Varcity – JR

Richie Hawtin & Allen Rigby-Jones team up on tech collaboration, PLAYdifferently

Dancing Astronaut - Fri, 02/05/2016 - 3:40pm

Richie Hawtin continues to build out his career beyond music production with the announcement of PLAYdifferently, a collaborative tech project with renowned British product developer Allen Rigby-Jones of Allen & Heath. Together, the duo have envisioned a new tool for use in the electronic music and DJ market, and partnered with Audiotonix to bring their visionary product to life.

After two years of prototyping and iterating, the resulting product, PLAYdifferently, is near completion for market release. Early versions were used at Glastonbury Festival and and ENTER.Ibizia, but full brand details were revealed just last week in Anaheim, CA at NAMM, the world’s largest trade show for music technology.

“We hope and plan to bring back products and instruments for the DJ to unlock their potential and their innate creativity that is lying dormant,” says Hawtin. The PLAYdifferently brand hopes that providing tools for electronic DJs and musicians will inspire and advance creativity in the field.

A worldwide tour will be announced in conjunction with the brand’s launch, so keep an eye out for what PLAYdifferently has in store.

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3 Unreleased Oliver Heldens Tracks We’re Dying to Hear

Your EDM - Fri, 02/05/2016 - 3:28pm

In the EDM world, unreleased music remains one of the biggest plights. Some IDs and remixes heard during live sets or podcasts go unreleased forever, and fans eternally crave for high-quality downloads of tracks that essentially disappeared forever. Oliver Heldens, while a producer who sticks to his guns in releasing a slew of music, holds a few unreleased tracksto his name. These productions are more than likely suited for live performances exclusively, but EDM Tunes considered the realistic idea that Heldens may play these tracks during his upcoming bus tour.

Two remixes come into play, both unreleased likely for legal reasons. The first is a futuristic take on “Latch” by Disclosure, which dominated the dance music world in 2013 and 2014. (It has since been remade into a “Return of the Mack” remix, though we still prefer it was with “Latch.”) The second one is an unreleased Heldens ID, still yet to be released. The final tune that we still haven’t been able to find will be a Headhunterz and Heldens collab that we learned about back in late 2014, this one still has yet to surface. Perhaps due to both producers’ new directions?

Check out the unreleased Heldens tunes below:


Image via Rukes

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Source: 3 Unreleased Oliver Heldens Tracks We’re Dying to Hear

Spring Awakening Announces 5th Anniversary At Brand New Venue

Your EDM - Fri, 02/05/2016 - 3:07pm

Spring Awakening Music Festival has just officially announced the location of its 5th Anniversary: JACKSON PARK, also known as the site of the historic World’s Fair. Spring Awakening will be held June 10th through 12th.

“Over the past year we’ve explored potential venues that have bigger footprints, and with 500+ acres of lakefront greenery, Jackson Park turned out to be a prime location,” says Jeff Callahan, founder of SAMF. “Jackson Park allows SAMF to continue to grow as the largest dance music festival in the Midwest, with enough space to accommodate our growing number of fans, and will also allow for more stages and bigger production than ever before.”

The new, larger space will accommodate a total of six stages, including two main stages, as well as “interactive art installations, firework displays, and carnival rides including a ferris wheel.”

Limited discounted pre-sale tickets are now on sale at springawakeningfestival.com! Layaway plans are also available for the first time.

It has been said that some people might be worried about the area of the festival, deeming it a little unsafe. All worries should be put aside, however, as Jackson Park is right next to Hyde Park, where the University of Chicago is which is a nice area; it’s also on the grounds of the Museum of Science and Industry which many attendees have likely been to already. There’s also a major house music festival held in the same location every year, and no problems have been reported yet (aside from the usual cases of drunk and disorderly).

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Spring Awakening Announces 5th Anniversary At Brand New Venue

DA Premiere: Matt Lange’s modular techno beast, ‘QVCAMX’

Dancing Astronaut - Fri, 02/05/2016 - 2:33pm

Matt Lange has become a master of modular synthesis. The LA-based producer showcased his penchant for the formidable style on his recent Mau5trap album, Ephemera. Now he’s continuing the trend with “QVCAMX,” a new contribution to TipTop Audio’s latest modular synth compilation.

The track bears the kind of mystifying analog allure we’ve come to expect from Lange’s productions. With its sequenced lead, synthesized percussion, and indefatigable groove, “QVCAMX” is a potent concoction that engages one quite naturally across its nine-minute span.

The track will be released next week on February 8 as part of the compilation, TIPTOP AUDIO RECORDS VARIOUS ARTISTS 0002.


Eric Prydz’s Debut Artist Album Finds a Progressive Middle-Ground [Review]

Your EDM - Fri, 02/05/2016 - 2:20pm

Eric Prydz will go certainly go down as one of the most prolific producers of electronic music history. The Swedish powerhouse constantly teases new IDs and unreleased remixes during his live sets, which have become known as some of the greatest in live music. Over the past few years, since releasing the album Eric Prydz Presents Pryda under his Pryda alias, many fans wondered if Prydz would ever release the numerous unreleased tracks growing under his primary alias. Then, in 2015, the floodgates were opened.

Prydz satiated fans with three Pryda EPs, and then topped it off by announcing his debut artist album, titled Opus (*nudge**nudge**wink**wink*) under the “Eric Prydz” moniker; about time. Never one to release just a few tracks with a package (the Pryda album spanned three discs), the producer revealed the tracklist and run-time, which amounted to a whopping 19 tracks and over 2 hours of material. Prydz finally released the album today, February 5, under Virgin Records, and we can safely say the album will strike a chord with hardcore fans and casual listeners alike.

Despite its staggering length, Opus never gets bogged down in filler. It’s a rare accomplishment for an album this size, but Prydz clearly put plenty of thought and energy into crafting his debut album. Many of the tracks have been heard before, notably singles “Generate,” “Liberate,” and the three-year-old “Every Day” (why did he include this?), but new songs do stick out upon the first few listens.

As expected, the album represents pure progressive house, complete with uplifting build-ups, the unforgettable Pryda snares (still welcome even though bigroom house nearly ruined them), and masterfully mixed synths. The songs all under operate under Prydz’s adept vision of taking the listener on a musical journey, although the tracklist makes the album feel more like a collection of songs rather than a fully-realized concept. Still, Opus exudes a signature style, and such consistent theme is an almost unheard of trait among electronic music albums these days.

Much of the tracks stick to pure instrumentals, but a few vocal collaborations do sneak their way in to the mix. Prydz noticeably drops the tempo and energy for some of these tracks, almost turning into a record producer from the 1980s. This becomes especially apparent on tracks like the Rob Swire-backed “Breathe” and “Moody Mondays,” which features a slightly out-of-place spot from The Cut. The other vocal tracks like “Generate” work wonders, but they feel a bit worn-in now that they’ve been released many months before the album’s release.

In terms of sound design, Opus is unparalleled. Prydz put much care into making these tracks sound as immaculate as possible, and we applaud how well the album sounds through a variety of speakers. Given that Prydz dedicates himself to producing so many tracks, it’s a natural next-step for him to refine each track to such flawless levels. Listening to Prydz’s music is an emotional experience, and the fact that he presents his vision in such a strong fashion only cements his ability to produce.

The meat of Opus comes from its tracks already released, even the track “Last Dragon” that only released a few days ago. Despite the songs’ perfect-sounding qualities, many of them get lost in the shuffle due to a lack of defining elements. Tracks like “Opus” and “Sunset at Café Mambo” differ hugely in energy levels, but they represent some of the album’s best work. When Prydz attempts to explore the middle route, such as in songs like “Black Dyce,” he loses connection with the listener and ironically becomes a bit of a middle ground progressive producer. Luckily these weaker tracks only weigh the album down a little bit, and the highs reach very tall peaks.

Prydz, more than anything, is perhaps known best for his incredible live performances, and it’s best to separate that image when listening to Opus. Unlike his 2-hour sets filled with relentless precision, Opus takes its time to explore new sides to the producer. Some experiments work, some don’t, but ultimately Prydz creates a satisfying album with Opus. If he somehow managed to translate his live show proficiency to the album format, perhaps his next effort would launch him to an even greater stage of his career.

Eric Prydz's Debut Artist Album Finds a Progressive Middle-Ground [Review]70%An admirable debut Reader Rating 39 Votes75%

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Source: Eric Prydz’s Debut Artist Album Finds a Progressive Middle-Ground [Review]

Glow x Dancing Astronaut Present: Shaun Frank at Soundcheck (2/11)

Dancing Astronaut - Fri, 02/05/2016 - 2:09pm

Washington DC’s Soundcheck Nightclub is renowned throughout the nation’s capital for its consistency in attracting dance music’s most viral acts to its stage. Over the next couple of months, Dancing Astronaut and Glow will be delivering a series of showcases at Soundcheck, with Shaun Frank first in line.

The Toronto-bred house wunderkind made his breakout in 2015 when he teamed up with Oliver Heldens for “Fifty Shades of Grey” featuring Delaney Jane. With a resume including a remix for Alison Wonderland, a collaboration with KSHMR, and a groundbreaking release on Steve Angello’s Size imprint, Shaun Frank has established himself as a talent on the rise, and he is sure to deliver a memorable show for the DC crowd.

Grab your tickets for this show here.

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Riton ft. Kah-Lo – Rinse & Repeat (Busy P & Boston Bun Remix)

Dancing Astronaut - Fri, 02/05/2016 - 1:52pm

Riton and The Ed Banger Records camp have a long history of association, from solo releases to Carte Blanche work alongside the late DJ Mehdi. Now, despite his imprint managing duties, label head Busy P has put his production gloves back on for a moment to notch a new remix for his fellow house veteran. Riton and Kah-Lo connected at the later end of 2015 on a bouncing, club-primed dance cut, “Rinse & Repeat,” and now Busy P is bringing Ed Banger cohort Boston Bun along for their own tasty, synth-funk rendition of the tune.

The original track, a punchy fusion of acid house and over-filtered, wiry tech chords gets toned down from a hybrid club blend to a more mellow, groovy disco-inspired selection. Extending the original’s shelf-life with an aced retrofit that boasts a footwork-ready final break, Busy P and Boston Bun are here to remind you French house is alive and remains in good hands as showcased in their remix of Riton’s infectious “Rinse & Repeat.”

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Mija Shoots With Playboy, Also Reveals Cool New Video For ‘Come Running’ Remix

Your EDM - Fri, 02/05/2016 - 1:20pm

OWSLA’s Mija recently teamed up with Playboy for an awesome photo shoot right in her LA loft. It featured tons of awesome shots as well as a cool video for one of her latest remixes of Darren Styles’ “Come Running” which was overshadowed by her DJ Snake remix that came out less than a week after it.

In addition to the minute-long video, you can also check out some of the shots from the photoshoot below. The full 31 shot gallery can also be found on Playboy‘s official site here.

“Working with playboy was different and rad. We just vibed out with my triple J mixtape on and shot using art and other found objects lying in my loft.”

H/T: Playboy | Featured Image Source: Playboy

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Mija Shoots With Playboy, Also Reveals Cool New Video For ‘Come Running’ Remix

The Chainsmokers Debut New Tune “Don’t Let Me Down” Feat. Daya

Your EDM - Fri, 02/05/2016 - 1:16pm

Of all the artists who had a major 2015, The Chainsmokers are probably the group we’re most excited about. Yes, Jack Ü and Major Lazor broke records and basically dominated everything, and Zedd had one of the greatest album promotional campaigns of all time, but The Chainsmokers have a really solid chance of becoming the real next big thing in 2016 and we’re stoked.

The next step in that process is their new tune with Daya and Emily Warren called “Don’t Let Me Down.” While they stuck their toes into trap on “Kanye,” this one is the first true plunge. Many comparisons are being made to The xx and Diplo, and I can totally see why – it has that soft and melodic guitar coupled with hard hitting trap elements.

The Chainsmokers call this their real follow-up to “Roses,” despite the fact that they’ve put out a couple tracks in the interim. Check it out below.

iTunes: smarturl.it/DLMDItunes

So we know we have released a couple tracks since Roses, of which we all love, but we would consider this as our follow up to Roses. We consider this to be our most complete track and just like Roses came together in one session for the most part. We wrote this track with the talented Emily Warren who you might recognize from DLMD and with Scott. The trap sound is a custom sound we made using one of loupvcks soundpacks actually…haha shout out guys! and you can tell we were really feeling the XX vibes when did this and actually had JUST bought the electric guitar we used so we were really feeling it. On top of this all we were lucky enough to have Daya get involved who so talented and did an amazing job on the vocal! Just make sure you stick around till the 3rd drop!

We also just want to say thanks for the ongoing support! We cant believe our 2015 and we know we took a couple months off from releasing music, but we spent it working on so much new stuff so we hope you are ready!

Note from us: We played this as our encore song on our friendzone tour so some of you may recognize it!

1) We actually finished this song entirely and our laptop crashed and lost everything. We mean literally everything… so we had to remake the whole thing
2) Alex is the first person to Dab on fallon #dabonfallon
3) We both just moved to LA… its dope
4) Our videographer Sam Kolder has a 10 pack…its weird…
5) For every human on Earth there are 1.6 million ants.
6) The total weight of all those ants, however, is about the same as all the humans.
7) Drew is singing on our next single!

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Source: The Chainsmokers Debut New Tune “Don’t Let Me Down” Feat. Daya

GANZ – GAOBEAR (ft. Dusty)

Dancing Astronaut - Fri, 02/05/2016 - 12:27pm

Dutch beatsmith GANZ made a drastic transition in 2015 from future bass newcomer to genre trailblazer with a slew of original releases including his sophomore EP, Dino War. With the recent launch of his own label, The Hard Headed, GANZ marks the second release on his own imprint with a genre-fusing single, “GAOBEAR,” in conjunction with UK rap standout Dusty.

Steering a tad off course from his usual effervescent future bass sound, GANZ constructs a thunderous, bass-plated backbone for Dusty to spit his commanding lyrics atop. “GAOBEAR” presents the perfect example of where rap can meet dance music with GANZ’s production prowess shining while Dusty’s lyrical agility stands atop in the spotlight.

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Check out these rare photos of Daft Punk unmasked during their first tour

Dancing Astronaut - Fri, 02/05/2016 - 12:07pm

1Daft Punk unmasked

Photos of a helmet-less Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, best known under their pseudonym Daft Punk, are rare. However, they do exist.

Daft Punk fan website DaftBootlegs has unearthed a collection of snapshots from the French pair’s inaugural tour in the mid-1990s. About 21 years ago, Guy and Thomas made history when they performed at events like Global Gathering, The Carros Festival, Heavenly Social, London After Midnight and Tribal Gathering. The nostalgic photos depict the duo performing in club and festival settings alike on classic gear like the TR-909.

Check out the full gallery on DaftBootlegs.

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Dyro and Martin Garrix’s collaboration is nearly complete

Dancing Astronaut - Fri, 02/05/2016 - 11:50am

Martin Garrix and Dyro revealed on their social media accounts that they had hopped in the studio together back in November. Fans could only guess what type of track would come out of the duo’s power collaboration until Garrix previewed a snippet via Snapchat (see below).

As the pair arguably heads in a more melodic direction with the untitled track, Dyro further teases the release by uploading a photo of the two producers from India’s Sunburn Festival and captioning it: “Finishing a hitsong with this guy next week.” Only time will tell what Dyro and Martin Garrix have up their sleeves for 2016.

A photo posted by Dyro (@dyro) on Feb 4, 2016 at 7:03pm PST

Photo Credit: Twitter

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