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PSY Releases 8th Album & New Dance Anthem “New Face”

Fri, 05/12/2017 - 9:21pm

Yeah, that’s right, PSY is still fuckin’ making music. And it’s still REALLY good! It really doesn’t matter if you understand Korean or not, the meaning behind his lyrics really shine through in the production and rhythm of his songs.

On his new album 4×2=8, the second track “New Face” is undoubtedly the “Gangnam Style” of the album. Featuring a new custom dance move for the drop and an almost Latin vibe, with horns and acoustic guitar, we could actually see this one making the rounds in clubs.

Probably the most accessible part of the song to EDM fans is a section wherein PSY sings, “Ayy we want some new face!” in the cadence of “Hey, who want’s some pussay?” Someone like Dillon Francis might even sample it in a set, who knows?

Either way, check out the new music video and track below.

Listen to the full 4×2=8 below, as well.

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: PSY Releases 8th Album & New Dance Anthem “New Face”

Ghastly Does Future Bass Insanely Well for “We Might Fall” with Matthew Koma

Fri, 05/12/2017 - 9:16pm

Are you scared of heights? Because, you might fall for this track from Ghastly and Matthew Koma

Ghastly, best known for his dubby bass house productions pulls off future bass so damn well in “We Might Fall,” featuring Matthew Koma, the guy behind Zedd’s “Spectrum” and Grammy-winning “Clarity,” and Tiesto’s “Wasted.”

Both have branched out with recent collaborations — Ghastly teamed up with NGHTMRE for the heavy, party track “End of the Night” while Koma co-produced future pop song “Hard to Love” with Louis the Child. And, together, these guys are a match made in collab heaven!

A perfectly constructed, synth-filled soundscape and inspired lyrics bring “We Might Fall” to life, while creative placement of video gamey characteristics and low growls keep it sounding fresher than your average future bass track… Take a listen here!

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Ghastly Does Future Bass Insanely Well for “We Might Fall” with Matthew Koma

Warp 2017 to Bring Excision, Zeds Dead, Deorro, Dyro and More to Thailand’s Destination Beach Festival

Fri, 05/12/2017 - 8:04pm

Thailand’s best beach dance music festival is back! Warp Music Festival 2017 – Episode 3 : Survivor of Saturn is scheduled for take off May 19 – 20 at Warp Base Station, Pattaya, but you still have time to get in on the action!

Warp Enterprise will bring heavy hitters Excision, Zeds Dead, Deorro, Dyro, as well as a stacked undercard including 4B, Sam Feldt, Say My Name, Crankdat, Gammer, Breathe Carolina, with more to still be announced.

In a short 3 years, WARP is already making a name for itself as a regional and international festival. The strong lineup, plus an outer space theme will make for a totally unforgettable mission!

If you still need convincing, check out the Warp Music Festival 2016 after movie, and the full 2017 lineup below! Grab your tickets here, Warpers!

(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = "//"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk'));

Warp Music Festival 2016 [aftermovie]

สายลุย อย่าคุยเยอะ! ถ้าคิดว่าจะรอดชีวิตกลับไปได้ก็ลองดู เพราะปีนี้ Warp Music Festival 2017 : Survivor of Saturn ขนดีเจตัวโหดมาเพียบทั้ง Excision, ZEDS DEAD, Deorro, Dyro, Sam Feldt, DJ 4B, SAY MY NAME, Crankdat, Breathe Carolina, Gammerดูรายละเอียดและซื้อบัตรที่:

Posted by Warp Music Festival on Wednesday, May 10, 2017

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Warp 2017 to Bring Excision, Zeds Dead, Deorro, Dyro and More to Thailand’s Destination Beach Festival

Deadmau5 Files Countersuit In Legal Battle Over “Meowingtons” Trademark

Fri, 05/12/2017 - 7:49pm

In one of the crazier legal battles we’ve covered on Your EDM, the “Meowingtons” trademark is being fought over by deadmau5, whose cat is named Meowingtons and is itself a particular brand, and, owned by Emma Bassiri.

The timeline is as follows: Back in December, deadmau5 discovered that Bassiri was using the site URL and petitioned the US Patent and Trademark Office to revoke her trademark. This stalled in process as Bassiri then sued Deadmau5 in March of this year, citing false claims regarding her business.

“Zimmerman has also made false and unflattering comments about my client. Ms. Bassiri is not currently, and has never been a fan of, or ever met Mr. Zimmerman,” a statement read. “Ms. Bassiri takes offense and vigorously denies Zimmerman’s untrue statements and reckless accusations made against her that have unfairly tarnished her reputation and diluted’s customer goodwill.”

Now, the suit has escalated even further, with deadmau5 countersuing Bassiri for trademark infringement, cybersquatting (i.e., the practice of registering names, especially well-known company or brand names, as Internet domains, in the hope of reselling them at a profit) and unfair competition over her site’s name.

“Two months ago, a company that hijacked our clients’ trademark MEOWINGTONS filed a lawsuit against our clients, deadmau5 and his companies, including Prof. Meowingtons Ltd,” attorney Irene Lee tells The Hollywood Reporter. “Despite our clients’ efforts to resolve the matter amicably, the company — which took the very mark as its name: Meowingtons, LLC — has been relentless, now forcing our clients to protect their trademark rights and intellectual property by filing a counterclaim.”

In addition to deadmau5’s countersuit against Bassiri, he’s also suing Scott Hutchison, a former Toronto DJ who manages the cat-themed merchandise website. Deadmau5 states that it’s highly unlikely that a Toronto DJ who managed the site around the time of 2010 was unaware of who deadmau5 (or more importantly, his cat) was.

“[…] a simple Google search of “Meowingtons” at the time would have shown both a link to deadmau5 and his use of MEOWINGTONS in commerce in connection with, at the very least, deadmau5’s music,” states the countersuit. “If Counter-Defendants indeed engaged in diligence prior to adopting the MEOWINGTONS mark, they would have promptly uncovered deadmau5’s use of the mark.”


via Hollywood Reporter | Image via Matt Barnes

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Deadmau5 Files Countersuit In Legal Battle Over “Meowingtons” Trademark

Fyre Festival Will Not Pay their Employees in Plot Twist Everyone Saw Coming

Fri, 05/12/2017 - 4:41pm

In the debacle that has engulfed the entertainment industry in a vortex of confusion and debauchery, the “professionals” behind Fyre Festival are in the middle of seven different lawsuits tied to the catastrophic event they tried to hold back at the end of April. From leaving guests stranded without transportation on the wild dog-infested Sandals Resort island to the “luxurious accommodations” made from USAID tents for hurricane relief, Fyre Media, its owner Billy McFarland, and co-founder Ja Rule have been facing waves of criticism for what could be the biggest fraudulent music festival fiasco of the past decade. It now appears that company’s employees will not be receiving their payrolls after McFarland himself broke the news in a teleconference.

According to audio exclusively acquired by Vice News, Billy McFarland told employees of Fyre Media that none of their work over the previous two weeks would be compensated. Although, McFarland offered his employees the “opportunity” to stay with the company and continue to work pro bono.

“After conferring with our counsel and all financial people, unfortunately we are not able to proceed with payroll. We’re not firing anyone, we’re just letting you know that there will be no payroll in the short term.” – Billy McFarland

This came as a shock to employees who spent those two weeks sorting out the mishaps by offering customers refunds or the chance to use the money they spent on a ticket for a possible Fyre Festival 2018. This is the same staff that worked on Fyre Media’s app designed for building a repertoire of celebrities and entertainers for ease when booking different talents months before disaster struck with the music festival.

Meanwhile, Ja Rule played a less significant role as a listener during the call and at one point chimed in by saying, “I’m on the phone but I can barely hear you all because of this fucking hum.”

With the lawsuits piling up and the fingers pointing at McFarland and Ja Rule, who knows how the 25-year-old C.E.O. and hip-hop mogul are going to face these serious charges. Now after telling employees they have nothing to pay them for their hard work, more lawsuits should be dropping on their door.


Source: Vice News

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Fyre Festival Will Not Pay their Employees in Plot Twist Everyone Saw Coming

StéLouse Releases Blissful New Self Titled LP [Casablanca Records]

Fri, 05/12/2017 - 4:07pm

StéLouse has experienced an evolution in musical ingenuity and prowess that has hooked us and has us weeping and begging for more. Finally, the Denver-based artist delivers. Originally releasing future bass style tracks, StéLouse took the initiative to combine his background in live instrumentation with his passion for all varieties of music to create his new self-titled LP. A compilation showcasing the producer’s talent and new direction, StéLouse combines elements from his old production with blissful organic sounds and teams with some of the hottest vocalists to create a whole vibe reminiscent of indie meets R&B with some electronic future touches added in.

Teaming with the likes of Mascolo for 3 tracks, including his previously released “Shivers n Gold,” StéLouse beautifully showcases each vocal quality with his comprehensive knack for all things sound. Tracks like “Lovers” featuring Brave show a new side to the star, combining deep house sensibilities with a smooth acid feel, while songs like “Tangled” bring us a nostalgic feel for that old StéLouse sound that originally had us falling in love. Taking his music and sound to the next level, fans can expect to fall in love for the first time or all over again when they check out this new assortment of StéLouse’s creative imaginations. Check out the full LP below and let us know what you think!

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: StéLouse Releases Blissful New Self Titled LP [Casablanca Records]

Hundaes – All Love (Free Download) [bitbird]

Fri, 05/12/2017 - 4:03pm

The bitbird team has been on top of finding the latest and greatest talent, from scouting names like Duskus, BeauDamian, Droeloe and more to San Holo’s own feats as an ingenious musical talent in the current age of dance music. The label prides itself on bringing new and innovative names to the table, and their latest release proves just that.

Hundaes comes at us with his new single, “All Love,” which features a blissful, fantasy like instrumentation, an inherently catchy melody and overall provides something new that has been rarely heard in the dance scene. Similar to a game soundtrack you might hear in Legend of Zelda or Final Fantasy, “All Love” provides ingenious organic sounds with a pleasant mix of emotion and heavy hitting future style production which leaves you jamming out and smiling for the rest of the day.

You can check the song out below and snag the free download for a limited time!

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Hundaes – All Love (Free Download) [bitbird]

Two Major Labels Reportedly In Discussions To Acquire Spinnin’ Records

Fri, 05/12/2017 - 2:09pm

According to trusted sources of Music Business Worldwide, ownership of indie dance label powerhouse Spinnin’ Records is supposedly up in the air. Sources also revealed that both Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group are currently in contention to acquire the Dutch record label.

Private equity organizations are also said to be in the mix at this point in time but don’t be surprised if one of the two majors above ends up making the acquisition to drive up their current market share.

The listed valuation is supposedly around $100m.

In the past, Sony has had plenty of success in the past both acquiring and partnering up with indie labels in the dance space. In 2013 Sony partnered up with Ultra Music, namely the label and publishing division, naming Ultra founder Patrick Moxey to the position of President, Electronic Music for Sony Music. More recently, Ministry of Sound’s label division was also acquired by Sony Music last August.

Warner also has its own fair share of dance labels and sub-labels in place. Skrillex’s OWSLA label distributions globally through Atlantic Records, one of Warner’s three main labels. Atlantic also owns Big Beat Records, Warner Music’s primary dance label in the United States with both Atlantic and Big Beat home to its fair share of electronic artists as well as another one of Warner’s main labels, Warner Bros. Records, currently home to Kaskade, Gallant and more.


H/T: Music Business Worldwide

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Two Major Labels Reportedly In Discussions To Acquire Spinnin’ Records

Your EDM Premiere: Tommy Trash & DENM – Dreamer [Armada]

Fri, 05/12/2017 - 1:28pm

There’s so much music coming out today that it’s easy to lose track of some of the brighter gems at the bottom. With Hardwell, Calvin Harris, and Axwell ^ Ingrosso all releasing new music today, it would be forgivable. That being said, you’d be foolish to skip over the new single “Dreamer” from Tommy Trash and DENM.

I’m a real sucker for piano in any house track, so I’m already deeply in love with this one. And then on top of that when you add the vocals from DENM.

“Tommy and I have been writing tons of songs together lately”, DENM says about his recent team-up with Tommy Trash. “We honestly work really well together. So in the midst of writing, he showed me this instrumental and I just started singing something over it. I decided to lay the vocals down and it turned into ‘Dreamer’!”

Check it out below!

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Your EDM Premiere: Tommy Trash & DENM – Dreamer [Armada]

Hardwell’s Ultra ID With Austin Mahone Is Finally Out

Fri, 05/12/2017 - 1:08pm

Literally everyone is hopping on the future bass bandwagon. At Ultra Music Festival this year, we saw more main stage DJs than ever before debut new future bass tunes – some were bangers, some sort of missed their mark.

It’s hard to decide which one fits Hardwell’s new tune more. For sure, Austin Mahone’s incredible voice is undeniable, but the song writing on the drop is little more than cookie cutter basic. That being said, the production is still really well done and it’s sure to be a main stage staple if only for the lyrics and hook.

Don’t listen to us, though, listen to “Creatures of the Night” for yourself below. Grab it here if you dig it.


Image via

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Hardwell’s Ultra ID With Austin Mahone Is Finally Out

Calvin Harris Drops New Song “Rollin” With Future And Khalid

Fri, 05/12/2017 - 12:57pm

Calvin Harris continues his streak of insane collaborations today with his new release, “Rollin,” featuring the world famous rapper Future and rising star Khalid.

Once again, he somewhat steers away from EDM, going more toward disco and pop but we fucking love it. At the end of the day, you can try and resist bouncing along to this song but you’re going to have a damn hard time at it.

The song name is also pretty apt as the song noticeably rolls melodically from start to finish – picture driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas through the desert on the rolling hills, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Check out “Rollin” below.


Image via

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Calvin Harris Drops New Song “Rollin” With Future And Khalid

Chimes – Ninety Four EP [Metropolis Labels]

Fri, 05/12/2017 - 11:55am

UK house duo Chimes are the latest sensation in the dance craze. Combining catchy melodies and unique vocal qualities for an overly viral sound, the duo hit us with their Ninety Four EP, a 5 track compilation featuring their unique songwriting prowess and vocal capabilities.

Comprised of pop producer Jamie Draper and multi-genre songwriter and vocalist Paul Aiden, each member brings their comprehensive knowledge and musical experience to the table for a smash showcase of their own sound. With hit singles like “Wolves” and “Cold,” Aiden and Draper bring the hottest sounds for this summer whether you’re out on the beach, driving around the city or at your favorite fest.

You can check the full EP below and don’t forget to watch as Chimes becomes a favorite of house fans.

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Chimes – Ninety Four EP [Metropolis Labels]

Kai Wachi – SHUTITDOWN [Kannibalen Records]

Fri, 05/12/2017 - 11:29am

Kai Wachi has absolutely crushed this year with his latest and greatest bass heavy bangers.

Just off his hit single “Demons,” Kai Wachi returns with his latest hit “SHUTITDOWN” and this is one track that will have fans in a fury. Combining heavy hitting trap and bass lines with an emotional twist at the end, this new hybrid original combines dance heavy melodies with comprehensive jaw dropping bass that slowly evolves into a tear jerking beautiful finale.

Gearing up for festival season with this and so much more, you don’t want to sleep on Kannibalen Records’ rising star.

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Kai Wachi – SHUTITDOWN [Kannibalen Records]

Fan Shares Illenium’s Full Set From Middlelands With All New Music

Thu, 05/11/2017 - 10:22pm

One of the final sets of Sunday night at Middlelands was undoubtedly one of the most anticipated of the weekend: Illenium. And once fans on Friday saw the stage he’d be playing at, that hype was compounded even further.

And for sure, his set did not disappoint. For a full hour, Illenium played most of his biggest tracks and stunned with crowd with some even harder material some fans weren’t expecting. Right off the bat he was playing hit after hit, including some new music, as well.

In a reddit AMA two days ago, Illenium shared that his album is nearly done, and slated for release in late summer, so we’ll definitely be getting more singles soon. Listen to his set below!

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Fan Shares Illenium’s Full Set From Middlelands With All New Music

Premiere Date Set For Martin Garrix & Carl Cox’ Documentary Film, “What We Started”

Thu, 05/11/2017 - 9:17pm

Every DJ needs a documentary now. With Swedish House Mafia, Steve Aoki, Hardwell and more already under society’s belts, Carl Cox and Martin Garrix, two very different artists, are releasing What We Started.

The film sets out to illuminate the rich history of electronic music, “from its underground inception in the late 1980s in America to the musicians and fans of this genre that relentlessly fought for their rights around the world, both in the dance club and on the streets, to find a safe space to express themselves, to the development of this modern, mainstream revolution that has taken the world by storm.”

Though the film is realistically Garrix’, the juxtaposition with Cox throughout the film aims to give as many viewpoints to the electronic music scene and its history as possible, and with as much reverence as possible.

What We Started will have its premiere at the LA Film Festival, Thursday June 15th.


Image via Quinn Tucker

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Premiere Date Set For Martin Garrix & Carl Cox’ Documentary Film, “What We Started”

Fox.wav Invades With A New Fire Samplepack

Thu, 05/11/2017 - 7:47pm

In this open frontier of sample packs and production friendly tools, its easy to find any type of sound you want but to truly stand out from the rest, it takes that next level type of skill to craft sounds and effects that are useful in productions. While most are familiar with Cymatics and Splice sounds, its crucial to promote a diversity of sound within the electronic music scene. Fox.wav is one of the first that comes to mind with cutting edge producer tools and samples primarily aimed and bass music production.

“The ‘Invasions’ pack by Fox.wav is in a market of its own, they’ve struck gold focusing on the metal/EDM fusion, which more & more producers seem to be doing these days, including myself. Packed full of Serum presets, guitars & FX, but the standout for me is the vocals in the pack, containing great quality guttural screams that will cut through any mix! I’m looking forward to hearing more from the team!” – PhaseOne

You can buy the sample pack HERE! Use the coupon code YOUREDM for a $7 discount!

For more from Foxwav, check out the rest of their samples HERE!

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Fox.wav Invades With A New Fire Samplepack

Win Tickets To LIC Seattle And A Private Tour Of The Venue Before The Show

Thu, 05/11/2017 - 2:05pm

Most people think of Life In Color as a Miami entity, but really it’s become a national phenomenon with events in multiple major cities. One such city is Seattle, where RL Grime, 3LAU, What So Not and Yookie are set to take over the Tacoma Dome on Saturday, May 20th.

In partnership with LIC, we’re giving two fans the chance to win tickets to the event. And on top of that, they’ll get a private tour of the venue before the show! Who knows, maybe an artist or two might stick around from sound check?

Enter the contest via the widget below for your chance to win!

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Win Tickets To LIC Seattle And A Private Tour Of The Venue Before The Show

Your EDM Premiere: Dead Critic – Tombstone

Thu, 05/11/2017 - 1:39pm

The artist known as Dead Critic is about to get a lot more exotic as he goes through a major rebrand. The first step in doing so is releasing this new track, “Tombstone.”

Already, the track title is alluding to his true identity as a “dead critic,” and you can bet your ass there’s a story behind the name. Apparently, he was an actual critic from the UK who traveled to the US to review American movies. However, after giving one movie an unfavorable review, a crazy LA movie producer killed him in cold blood. Now, he haunts theaters and reviews movies as a ghost. Not bad, right?

His identity is sort of Amityville Horror meets Rocky Horror Picture Show, with some meta engagement thrown in for good measure. Musically, he’s touted as a sort of NGHTMRE meets Joyryde entity, blending bass with house in a raw and intense manner. With “Tombstone,” we can definitely hear that vibe, though we’ll also need more to really establish that identity.

Listen to “Tombstone” below.

In the future, you can look forward to some “Bad Review” mixes from Dead Critic, complete with obscure and fun movie quotes and references.

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Your EDM Premiere: Dead Critic – Tombstone

Calvin Harris x Katy Perry… Is This A Collaboration or Revenge?

Thu, 05/11/2017 - 1:17pm

Calvin Harris‘ newly announced forthcoming album Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 will feature a crazy amount of mainstream artists including Future, Travis Scott, Frank Ocean, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj and more — but his expected collab with Katy Perry is the one raising eyebrows!

There has been plenty of “Bad Blood” between her and the producer’s superstar ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift over the years. After much speculation, Swift called Perry out for being a “mean girl” in an interview with Rolling Stone.

“For years, I was never sure if we were friends or not. She would come up to me at awards and say something and walk away, and I would think, Are we friends, or did she just give me the harshest insult of my life?” said Swift.

Swift also accused Perry of swiping some of her dancers out from under her, nearly sabotaging a world tour. The pop-star-on-pop-star feud is so obvious that when Harris and Swift were conflicting over her credits on his smash hit “This Is What You Came For” ft. Rihanna, he even threw Perry’s name in the mix…

Hurtful to me at this point that her and her team would go so far out of their way to try and make ME look bad at this stage though

— Calvin Harris (@CalvinHarris) July 13, 2016

I figure if you’re happy in your new relationship you should focus on that instead of trying to tear your ex bf down for something to do

— Calvin Harris (@CalvinHarris) July 13, 2016

I know you’re off tour and you need someone new to try and bury like Katy ETC but I’m not that guy, sorry. I won’t allow it

— Calvin Harris (@CalvinHarris) July 13, 2016


Kinda makes us wonder if he really digs Katy Perry as an artist, or if this collaboration is just one big “F U” to Taylor Swift. Either way, it will probably sound great!


Image via

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Calvin Harris x Katy Perry… Is This A Collaboration or Revenge?

New Way To Detect MDMA Promises Faster & More Reliable Results

Thu, 05/11/2017 - 1:08pm

When you hear about drug testing, there are two ways that can be taken. The first is testing a person for drugs, usually done by police or a hospital after an overdose or violent outburst (if taken into custody). The second way is an integral part in harm prevention that actually refers to testing the drugs themselves to see if they are what you were told they were when you purchased them.

The second way is what is on focus here, as researchers at the University of Southern Denmark, the Polytechnic University of Valencia, and the CIBER-BBN in Spain have discovered a new way to detect the active ingredient in ecstasy, MDMA, with greater reliability and speed – and it’s right out of science fiction.

The process is explained as such:

“You start with a ball composed of atoms, which is simple to make. The ball is porous and filled with holes, meaning it can be filled up with smaller molecules. In this method, the ball is filled with molecules that are designed to light up if they are released from the holes. If there is no MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine, the active ingredient in ecstasy) within range, the molecules cannot leave the ball. This is because a kind of arm is installed on the exterior of the ball that can open the ball’s pores once it comes into contact with MDMA and keeps the molecules sealed in until that happens. When the ball ‘opens up,’ so to speak, the luminescent molecules stream out and can be detected by a sensor. The ball only opens up once it comes into contact with MDMA, and it can detect even minuscule concentrations of MDMA.”

Jan O. Jeppesen, a chemistry professor at the University of Southern Denmark, said: “It is our impression that a need exists for more reliable, user-friendly and cheaper tests. What makes our method stand out is that it can detect even small traces.”

If this method of testing could be produced at scale, it could mean easier testing for users and, hopefully, fewer avoidable deaths.



This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: New Way To Detect MDMA Promises Faster & More Reliable Results


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