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SWAGE X HAMi – BAD [Buygore]

Wed, 05/17/2017 - 1:42pm

Girthy, relentless, and oh-so-satisfying, say hello to “BAD”, the new collaboration from SWAGE and HAMi that’s about to slay this summer’s festival circuit.

What starts out as an innocuous intro quickly delves into crisp, percussive chaos with zero regard for your sanity. “BAD” is as gnarled as its namesake, and after exchanging the requisite courtesies, the tune proceeds to up the intensity with demented snarls and metallic gunshots, never letting up once initiating its momentum. Sure to be the new anthem of rail-riders everywhere, have a listen below and swoop “BAD” for yourself courtesy of Buygore’s Fresh Blood 2.

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Source: SWAGE X HAMi – BAD [Buygore]

Get A 1st Listen To Shane 54’s New Single “First Time” & Meet Him In Chicago At The Mid!

Wed, 05/17/2017 - 1:40pm

Shane 54 needs no introduction. The legacy he helped carry with the iconic duo, Myon & Shane 54, is nothing short of spectacular, as their music influenced generations of fans from all over the world. Ever since Shane 54’s debut single, “Paradise”, we’ve heard glimpses of new upcoming solo material via his podcast, International Departures, and anticipation has been growing to hear what’s next.

Today, I’m thrilled to premiere his second single, “First Time”, that is his best yet. It tells a beautiful story that encapsulates you right from the start, paired perfectly with an incredible arrangement, one that will have you pressing play over and over again.

In addition to the excitement for this brand new single, he’s also hosting a meet & greet for his upcoming show in Chicago at The Mid on May 20! It’s not your usual meet & greet you’d expect. This is something a bit more personal, something he’s calling a “Soundcheck Chat”, meaning one lucky winner will get the chance to hang with Shane at his very own soundcheck!

Enter below for a chance to meet Shane and stream/buy “First Time” here!

Meet Shane 54 At The Mid In Chicago!

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Source: Get A 1st Listen To Shane 54’s New Single “First Time” & Meet Him In Chicago At The Mid!

Your EDM Premiere: DISKORD – War feat. Mikey Ceaser (VIP Mix)

Wed, 05/17/2017 - 1:31pm

It’s rare that an artist puts out a VIP before the official track, but… here we are. DISKORD are letting fans have the VIP for their new track “War” with Mikey Ceaser before the original comes out at the end of the month.

“Watching Terminator 2 inspired us and we’ve been working on a track called ’War’ with the amazing Mikey Ceaser, it’s coming out at the end of May. While you guys wait for that, we thought we’d let u have the VIP version and Circus have let us give it away for a couple of days, grab it while you can.”

Since even I haven’t heard the original, I can’t really tell you how it differs. That being said, the VIP could easily be its own daytime trap heater with free flowing vocals and that kind of wonky, main stage bass sound that could see the “dougie” making a comeback. I also really appreciate the utterly random 8 Mile reference at 2:07.

Check out the “War” VIP below!


Photo by Ryan Dinham Photography

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Source: Your EDM Premiere: DISKORD – War feat. Mikey Ceaser (VIP Mix)

Your EDM Premiere: Laura Lamn + S2_C00L – Boyfriend

Wed, 05/17/2017 - 1:13pm

EDM fans might’ve been first introduced to Laura Lamn in Kaskade’s cover of Whitney Houston’s “Woman” back in March, but you’re going to get her pure and simple with her new track “Boyfriend.”

She’s joined once again by S2_C00L on this poppy, progressive take on electronic music. The blend of male and female vocals always works well, as it does on “Boyfriend,” especially considering the subject matter of the track itself. As for the production, it works well by providing a simple beat for the vocals to lay on top of, not really ever coming on too strong in the foreground.

If you’re looking for a track to lose yourself in while in a state of rhythm or just to lose yourself in a rhythm, “Boyfriend” is the one for you.

Check out our premiere below!

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Source: Your EDM Premiere: Laura Lamn + S2_C00L – Boyfriend

3LAU Remixes Katy Perry’s New Track With Migos For A Deep Heater

Wed, 05/17/2017 - 1:03pm

You know when 3LAU gets his hands on a remix, it’s gonna be a heater. But considering the source material this time, Katy Perry & Migos’ “Bon Appetit,” it wasn’t that far of a stretch in the first place.

The original is already pretty damn dancey, so it was only a matter of putting his own spin on the track, and that he definitely did. Perry’s voice comes through loud and clear throughout the track, same with the Migos feature, while 3LAU’s production provides a soft and memorable beat behind it.

It’s not something that will get the crowd super turned up, but maybe Katy Perry alone is capable of that… the remix is also a full minute shorter than the original, so be ready to listen to it on repeat. Check it out below.

Listen and watch the original below, as well.


Image via

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Source: 3LAU Remixes Katy Perry’s New Track With Migos For A Deep Heater

Win Tickets to Spring Awakening Music Festival in Chicago with Axwell ^ Ingrosso, Excision, and More!

Wed, 05/17/2017 - 11:36am

Spring Awakening is back for it’s sixth year and we here at YourEDM have once again teamed up with famed Chicago promoters, React Presents, to bring you a stellar giveaway for this years event that features amazing artists such as Armin Van Buuren, Excision, Galantis, Marshmello, and GRiZ! Not to mention the stacked set of branded stages that will grace the grounds as well. You can check out the full lineup and what each branded stage has to offer down below.

One lucky winner will be chosen to receive a pair (2) of GA 3-day passes to the festival happening this June at Addams-Medill Park in Chicago, IL! You have until the beginning of June to gain entries, you can share to both Facebook and Twitter daily to get more.

Entering is simple, just follow the link below and complete every action to gain entries. A winner will be chosen on June 1st so be sure to keep an eye on your emails! And don’t worry, if you don’t want to risk missing out by not winning then you can still purchase tickets on the Spring Awakening website.

Enter to win a pair of GA 3-day tickets to Spring Awakening Music Festival in Chicago happening June 9th – 11th at… in Giveaways on LockerDome(function(d,s,id,elid) {window.ldInit = window.ldInit || []; ldInit.push(elid);if (d.getElementById(id)) return;var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];js=d.createElement(s);;js.async=true;js.src="//";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}(document, "script", "lockerdome-wjs", "ld-1458-8582"));

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Source: Win Tickets to Spring Awakening Music Festival in Chicago with Axwell ^ Ingrosso, Excision, and More!

Pegboard Nerds Release Packed “Nerds by Nature” Remix EP

Wed, 05/17/2017 - 5:40am

The Pegboard Nerds have released a slew of great originals throughout the years, but some of their most consistently heavy content has come in the form of their remix packs. Heck, just earlier this year their Snails collaboration got three especially hard-hitting remixes that each managed to flip the track in their own unique way.

Even with how close to perfection Deep in the Night (The Remixes) was, the Nerds’ newest pack still somehow blows it clean out of the water. Every single track from the already banger-fueled EP Nerds by Nature got a flip, and most manage to get a significant improvement. Andy C gives “Speed of Light” some life with his signature drums, RIOT shreds some serious electric guitar on “BAMF,” Anna Yvette wails her beautiful voice on “Melodymania…” These remixes provide some great new layers to the already decently-produced tracks.

However, it doesn’t stop there. After a three-year hiatus with the label, Virtual Riot is back on Monstercat for an unexpected future bass twist of “Talk About It.” Similarly, Quiet Disorder delivered a surprisingly groovy house remix to “Blackout,” while Gammer totally annihilated QD’s original collaboration “Go Berzerk” with his signature hardcore flair. Gammer said it himself; “I ain’t even sorry about what I did to this track.” No apologies needed, his take on the track makes for arguably the most unique and hardest-hitting remix on the EP.

Listen to Nerds by Nature (The Remixesand download the pack below:

Support on all platforms:

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Source: Pegboard Nerds Release Packed “Nerds by Nature” Remix EP

Slow Magic – Mind (feat. Kate Boy)

Tue, 05/16/2017 - 10:57pm

The elusive Slow Magic has released fairly sporadically over the years. It’s really been years since his last proper original single but the wait is finally over. “Mind (feat. Kate Boy)” dropped last week finally breaking the producer’s hiatus but it was certainly worth the wait.

This is also one of the first ever vocal Slow Magic tracks which should drive home the point that he’s taken some time to take his sound to the next level with vocals a large part of that. The live drum work is pristine, as is the rest of his live instrumentation, which really sets his sound apart from his peers. Kate Boy’s vocals also add another dimension to the record that also sets it apart from his previous catalog as well.

Hopefully, we won’t have to wait another three years for another original single like we did here. Stream it below!

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Source: Slow Magic – Mind (feat. Kate Boy)

The Chainsmokers Surprise High School Students With Free Tickets

Tue, 05/16/2017 - 10:14pm

Before you read this and say “another Chainsmokers article,” the Pop-EDM duo has just done something incredible for fans.

The senior class of Webster High School were treated to a surprise visit Tuesday by The Chainsmokers. After a short speech congratulating the graduating class, encouraging them to pursue their education, the duo presented the entire class with free tickets to their show later that evening.

The visit was arranged by non-profit organization Get Schooled, an organization which inspires the want for education in youth with mediums they can connect with.

Instead of performing at the school, The Chainsmokers took pictures with individual students and took the time to chat with them about their educational future.

And this isn’t even the first time that The Chainsmokers have done something like this while on the MDNO tour. A couple weeks ago, they even crashed a prom. And while you could say, “Yeah, such-and-such an artist did that too!,” you still have to admit that it’s pretty damn cool.


Featured image via | School photo via MATT BARNARD/Tulsa World

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Source: The Chainsmokers Surprise High School Students With Free Tickets

Top 10 Under-Appreciated DJ Snake songs

Tue, 05/16/2017 - 10:13pm

It’s no secret that DJ Snake is one of the most quintessential hit makers in dance music right now.

The Parisian producer saw his career shoot to stardom through hits such as “You Know You Like It,” “Lean On,” and “Middle,” which brought him from a mid-day set at Ultra in 2014 to closing the same festival in 2017.

His first upload on SoundCloud is dated all the way back to December 10th of 2010, and there are lot of gems that people seem to have forgotten about. Here are the top 10 most under-appreciated DJ Snake songs.

10. “Birthday Song (Parisian Revision)”

DJ Snake’s spin on the hit club record “Birthday Song” was one of the most played out songs of the 2013-2014 era; mostly due in part to the Kovalenco Gennadi bootleg, which wouldn’t be around without the Parisian Revision.

9. “Get Low (The Rebirth in Paris)”

The original “Get Low” still holds up to this day, despite being released just over 3 years ago. However, not many people know of “The Rebirth in Paris;” a house flip of the original downtempo trap record.

8. “Pigalle”

Off his debut album “Encore,” DJ Snake and Moksi’s collaboration is some serious heat.

7. “Drop”

Released only as a teaser on his Soundcloud, “Drop” has only seen the light of day thanks to the Entourage soundtrack. Not many people know this song is even released, despite it being such a great record.

6. “It’s You (DJ Snake Remix)”

Duck Sauce has laid the foundation with their originals for some great remixes. One of these is DJ Snake’s big-room flip of “It’s You,” one of the best big room tracks of the era (in my opinion).

5. “New Slaves (Parisian Revision)”

Released just over a week after his Duck Sauce remix, this flip of Kanye West was one of the biggest trap records of the time, yet it’s almost forgotten today.

4. “Stay the Night (Remix)”

DJ Snake’s remix of Zedd’s “Stay the Night” has vanished from the internet recently. Thanks to “ILL DJ” on Youtube, we can still appreciate the remix.

3. “Sober”

With songs such as “Talk,” “Middle,” and “Let Me Love You” on his debut album, one of my personal favorite DJ Snake songs has gone relatively unnoticed, unless you’ve listened to the full album in its entirety. Featuring vocalist JRY, “Sober” is a beautiful song.

2. “Lunatic”

DJ Snake’s one and only release on Spinnin Records is one of the greatest big room tracks of the era. His collaboration with Mercer brings us a huge kick, loads of energy, and a crowd pleasing break.

1. “Bird Machine”

When “Bird Machine” was released, the app “Vine” was at its peak. There are a load of songs that went viral because of Vine, and “Bird Machine” was one of them, bringing DJ Snake loads of traffic. Without “Bird Machine,” we may not have had hits such as “Turn Down for What,” “Lean On” and more. So, thank you Vine and Bird Machine, thank you.


Photo by

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Source: Top 10 Under-Appreciated DJ Snake songs

Dubspot Alleged To Be Scamming Students

Tue, 05/16/2017 - 8:10pm

There are three fairly well known music production schools that cater mostly toward electronic music. They are: Icon Collective, Point.Blank, and Dubspot. With reference to the last, it seems that Dubspot is in a spot of trouble as over 50 students have joined in a collective email chain to voice their concerns over unfulfilled promises and money lost. Specifically, teachers and students have accused CEO Dan Giove of “fraudulent activities and erratic behavior,” according to the first in a series of articles expected from THUMP.

The trouble allegedly began when Giove decided to expand from their flagship physical location in New York into a second location in Los Angeles. His staff warned him against this, citing insufficient funds to make the transition, but he didn’t listen. Soon, apparently, the school went into disarry.

THUMP reports that both the Los Angeles and New York locations are currently closed. One student who visited the NYC location told THUMP that the space was in total disarray. “There was hardly any equipment there anymore and I was offended by a guy who was [at the school], and rudely asked me to leave.” Luckily, this student was able to get her money back.

But many others are still in the throes of a legal battle with Dubspot ranging from $150-$10,000. Meanwhile, the school’s online chapter is still collecting fees from new students as recently as April 2017.

For anyone looking for a reliable online course for music production, steer clear of Dubspot.

You can read the full story from David Garber on THUMP here.

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Source: Dubspot Alleged To Be Scamming Students

Paradiso Festival is 80% Sold Out! Get Your Tickets Now

Tue, 05/16/2017 - 7:03pm

The annual Paradiso Festival in Washington is 80% sold out! If you were planning on buying a ticket, now would be the time.

This summer, on June 23rd and 24th, fans will return to the breathtaking Gorge Amphitheatre as they
celebrate the sixth annual Paradiso Festival.

The full lineup for this year’s edition is pretty great, including big names like Tiësto or Oliver Heldens, as well as a lot of up-and-comers and those already making their way to the top. You’ll see sets from Gammer, Sub Focus, Breathe Carolina, Bleep Bloop b2b Alix Perez, Quix, Prince Fox, Porter Robinson, Flux Pavilion b2b Doctor P (a classic pairing, like red meat and wine), and so many more.

Tickets, Payment Plans, and Camping Passes on sale NOW at

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Source: Paradiso Festival is 80% Sold Out! Get Your Tickets Now

Instagram Introduces Another Snapchat Copycat Feature As Snap’s Stock Plummets

Tue, 05/16/2017 - 6:18pm

It’s like Instagram isn’t even trying to hide the fact that it is directly copying features from Snapchat anymore. Today, Instagram Stories released its newest feature… face filters! Of course, these have been a staple of Snapchat for over a year but it feels like Instagram has finally said, “Fuck it” and just did it anyway.

Today we’re introducing face filters, an easy way to turn an ordinary selfie into something fun and entertaining!

— Instagram (@instagram) May 16, 2017

This comes after news today that Snap faced a massive loss in pre-market trading this morning following low Q1 earnings.

Hopefully Snapchat can find a way out of this hole, otherwise they will be forced to make some major concessions or innovations in order to survive. If it comes to the point that Snapchat might eventually have to be sold, it will likely be far lower than the original $3 billion offered by Facebook years ago.


via City AM

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Source: Instagram Introduces Another Snapchat Copycat Feature As Snap’s Stock Plummets

Aspire to Inspire 192: KJ Sawka

Tue, 05/16/2017 - 6:00pm

Every child has big dreams. Whether we want to be doctors, lawyers, athletes or anything else, we all seem to start out with the highest of hopes for the future. As we grow up, however, our passions sometimes begin to change or the paths to those young dreams become too hidden to pursue.

For some of us, the ultimate goal may change, but the drive and determination to achieve something bigger than oneself altogether never waivers. KJ Sawka (from Pendulum and Destroid), known throughout the music industry as one of the most talented drummers and artists in the scene, is a prime example of the light at the end of the tunnel when you pour everything you have into chasing your dreams.

Growing up in Seattle, KJ had big plans for the future as both a baseball player and a doctor. Before he got involved in music, it was all about sports. Unfortunately, KJ had cut his hand while working on a car when he was young, taking him out of baseball altogether until it healed. Once he returned, things just weren’t the same.

It was around the same time that KJ was given a drum set, which he instantly fell in love with. He practiced for hours on end almost every day of the week; constantly trying to push himself to get better and learn as much as he could about the craft.

Before long, others started to notice how much he had grown as a musician. He was eventually offered a full scholarship to Berklee College of Music, a rather prestigious jazz program, but there was something about that path that didn’t feel quite right to him. As much as he enjoyed being a part of the jazz band at his school, he often thought about how he would rather be jamming to a more contemporary sound with his brother.

“People were impressed with my drums – I was the best one at the school and best in jazz band. From other people’s reactions I realized that maybe I had something going for me. I jammed with my brother who plays guitar. We would play Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, and Rush. I was super into Rush because the drumming was very complex. Then we got into grunge- Nirvana, Sound Garden, etc. When grunge became popular and Nirvana came up as a band from Seattle, I realized that was what I wanted to do. It was really inspiring to see people from our hometown becoming famous in music.

I had an opportunity to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston on a full ride scholarship. I turned it down to try to become a famous rock n’ roll grunge band member. I always think about whether or not I would have changed… Would I have gone to college? I always tell people to further their education and go to college, as long as it doesn’t sink you financially. I can’t say that I would change anything in my past, though. However, it did take me a really long time to become a professional musician. I had a day job all the way up until I was about 27 or 28.”

One thing that has remained a constant throughout his career is KJ’s drive. Even today, as a well-seasoned and highly accomplished artist, he still finds himself watching tutorials on new styles, practicing just as much, and pining over his projects until he feels they are ready. But, as many artists might agree, the struggle of doing those very things can be a heavy weight on an individual.

It is a constant struggle; I’m never satisfied. I remade the songs on my most recent EP at least five times each over the course of five years. I was going to release them in some form or another many times, but in the end I’m glad I didn’t because I’m finally at peace with them. But that was a massive struggle. It gets easier, but I want to be a better musician overall. It’s never ending.

Traveling with Dillon Gates (ill.GATES) was really inspiring as well. His life motto is to have as much fun as possible at all times. He has really helped me to adopt that mantra, which is amazing, but it can also sometimes be difficult to understand. It’s hard to let go of worries in life, but musically, having as much fun as possible is super crucial. That’s where the true art is revealed.”

The idea of “true art” can manifest itself in countless ways from person to person, and KJ has found a way to incorporate all of the personal and professional obstacles he has faced into his craft. From the financial uncertainty of a career in the arts, to moments of depression, and even the impact of a childhood injury have played a part in the creative process.

“Depression is definitely real, but then again sometimes the best art comes from the most brutal struggles. If I didn’t have some pretty heavy relationship and band breaks ups I wouldn’t have the songs that I do today.

I also fell out of a pickup truck as it flipped over when I was younger and that was pretty significant. I took a major blow to the head and I feel it as I get older. Some tasks are just more challenging, especially when it comes to remembering things, multitasking, etc. I thought I was a good multi-tasker and now I’m just so bad at it. I can only do one thing at a time. I’m one of those guys that still watches tutorials to improve my craft…no amount of tools is enough.

Dillon Gates (ill.GATES), Rob Swire (Knife Party/Pendulum), Jeff Abel (Excision)…all of my music partners have impeccable memories. They can remember riffs, solos, specific keys of songs, and then I’m just terrible at remembering. I have even forgotten the names of some of my own songs. Sometimes I feel a little inferior when it comes to those moments of wishing I could remember certain things.”

Rather than allowing the personal struggles KJ has endured to take the reigns of his career, he has worked hard to find ways to stay on task and even the keel. With pages of notes on song keys, plugins to use, and more, he has figured out how to archive on paper what most artists have in the back of their mind. KJ is still one of the best in music at programming a “drum brain,” which contributes to his need for laying everything out on paper. In fact, KJ programmed the entire live Destroid show himself.

But what brings KJ the most joy these days is seeing other artists in the electronic music scene incorporate live music into their sets, as that is absolutely his forte. Being the drummer for the most legendary live act in dance music, Pendulum, KJ has high expectations for upcoming artists. If you haven’t yet seen Pendulum Live…they are launching their 15-date LIVE world summer tour starting with a headlining set at Ultra Korea June 10th…their first tour in six years.

“I definitely feel like I’m one of the people that has the ability to take EDM to the live stage; I always have. And every time I see a DJ/producer breaking out the keyboard, drums, or other live instruments, I get so excited. It’s what I’ve been doing forever so it’s amazing and refreshing to see more people try it.”

With high hopes that musicians continue to push themselves beyond their own comfort zones, KJ also believes that music can do so much more than we tend to imagine.

“I think the power hungry people out there are completely destroying things faster than ever before. We still have our Bernie sign on the lawn, haha. We’re holding on for dear life. I wish the average person could understand how money and greed is bad for the world.
But ultimately…I wish that there would be more music and more art in the world and just shove that down the throats of the greedy and rich people. Just sink their yachts with Beethoven.”

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Aspire to Inspire 192: KJ Sawka

Tomorrowland Launches 2017 TML Fashion Line, and We Want to Buy it All

Tue, 05/16/2017 - 3:20pm

Tomorrowland just upped its merchandise game by launching an entire 2017 fashion line called TML!

It’s not your traditional rave wear, it’s more like street wear — style that works in and out of the festival scene for both men and women. The designs are quite intricate and look to be of higher quality than most festival merch, which is a forward-thinking move on Tomorrowland’s part and a perfect accompaniment to their full 2017 lineup.

The online store also features caps, jewelry, CDs, DVDs, books and other accessories.

Discover the brand new TML by Tomorrowland Collection 2017!

SHOP TML by Tomorrowland


This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Tomorrowland Launches 2017 TML Fashion Line, and We Want to Buy it All

Gorillaz, the xx & More Top the 2017 III Points Festival Lineup

Tue, 05/16/2017 - 3:17pm

III Points has gone from small, local festival to large, national headline-grabbing event in a matter of five years, no small feat for an independent festival that thrives on booking engaging, thoughtful lineups. For its fifth year, III Points has a hit a huge home run with its lineup, spanning the usual genre curation of indie rock, hip-hop, house, techno, IDM and more, but with its biggest acts yet.

Headlining the festival this year are a massive trio: indie band-gone-headliner The xx, featuring III Points alumnus Jamie xx, legendary band Gorillaz and Nicolas Jaar, another III Points favorite returning for a live set this go-around. The undercard packs a punch as well, with hip-hop acts such as Danny Brown, Lil B, Skepta and more, techno titans like Richie Hawtin presenting his CLOSE show, #2 Resident Advisor DJ Jackmaster and crossover force The Black Madonna, indie acts with psychedelic band Melody’s Echo Chamber, jazz/hip-hop masters BADBADNOTGOOD and Hundred Waters, and even an appearance from Ms. “Whip My Hair” herself Willow Smith.

Scheduled for October 13-15, III Points is set to once again transform its venue of Mana Wynwood into a multisensory haven for amazing music, art and technology. As regular attendees of the festival, we cannot wait to return. Head to the III Points ticket website to purchase tickets and view the full 2017 lineup below:

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Gorillaz, the xx & More Top the 2017 III Points Festival Lineup

Slushii Drops A New “Dubfire” VIP For His Remix Of Alan Walker’s “Faded”

Tue, 05/16/2017 - 2:49pm

Slushii dropped an official remix for Alan Walker’s “Faded” a little over 9 months ago, and he’s just released a new ‘dubfire’ VIP that has us collectively going wild.

The original featured a much more marshmello-esque sound, with those telltale trap vocal chops and very saccharine synth breaks, with a candy-coated rhythm. While the VIP eventually somewhat devolves back into that sound, the first drop in it is absolutely orgasmic. It brings back memories of some of Never Say Die’s heyday, with melodic hits from 501 and Must Die!… god, I miss that.

Slushii has definitely shown once again that despite his cartoonish avatar, he has the production abilities of a mature musician. Check out the VIP below.


Image via

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Slushii Drops A New “Dubfire” VIP For His Remix Of Alan Walker’s “Faded”

Claude VonStroke’s Tampa Show Ushered in a New Era for Deeper Electronic Music in the Tampa Bay Area [Event Review]

Tue, 05/16/2017 - 2:44pm

Claude VonStroke is a bit of an ambassador for the deeper sounds of modern electronic music. He never produces any super technical tracks or plays any experimental sets, but all of his music punctuates radio-friendly lyrics and elements with deep basslines and synths. It’s a bit fitting, then, that his show in Tampa debuted a new chapter for deeper electronic music in the city, with Departures Fridays, Alliance Events & Nightlife, Eyewitness Entertainment and sXs Presents all collaborating to bring the Dirtybird label head to The Cuban Club.

Departures Fridays, along with promotional groups such as Alliance Events & Nightlife, once brought shows to the now defunct venue District 3, and its sudden closure brought significant uncertainty regarding deeper music in the Tampa Bay area. But, a longtime Tampa venue was announced to serve as District 3’s spiritual successor for deeper events: The Cuban Club. Claude VonStroke’s show raised the curtain on The Cuban Club’s potential as a venue for such events, and by large the initial event signaled great possibility for the venue and the longevity of deeper music in Tampa.

Spanning multiple stories, The Cuban Club and its classical architecture providing a fitting backdrop for the techno, house and tech house offerings throughout the night. The promoters went great lengths to offer a fully comprehensive experience, with a well-equipped dancefloor on the top floor acting as the main attraction and an adjacent patio offering a respite from the wall-shaking bass and a scenic view of Ybor City. The production inside, equipped with lasers, powerful speakers and an LED screen, was the proverbial cherry on top.

Claude VonStroke himself played an excellent set, one filled with Dirtybird classics, his own tunes and a heap of IDs. Claude is no stranger to Florida, often playing in Miami and having played at such central Florida massives as EDC Orlando and Sunset Music Festival, but his headlining set here both satisfied longtime fans and lured in new listeners who were not as familiar with him. By the time he closed, the room was situated firmly in the palm of his hand.

The one big detractor to the night came in the form of the limited bars around the dancefloor, which spawned huge lines as the night progressed. Likely a growing pain, but definitely a con to keep in mind as The Cuban Club may continue to hold such events in the future. Overall, the night proved to be a resounding success, and we eagerly await to see what the local promoters offer next to satiate Tampa’s notable appetite for deeper music.

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Claude VonStroke’s Tampa Show Ushered in a New Era for Deeper Electronic Music in the Tampa Bay Area [Event Review]

Woofax Puts Out Brilliant New “Capacity Frontier” EP On Impossible Records [PREMIERE]

Tue, 05/16/2017 - 2:32pm

It’s only every so often that you get an EP in your inbox that truly blows you away with every single track. When I received Capacity Frontier from Woofax, I got that tingly feeling in the pit of my stomach… the one you get at the top of a roller coaster right as it’s about to drop.

The new EP is released on KJ Sawka’s Impossible Records today, and has all the hallmarks of a classic bass EP: plenty of wubs, lots of screeches, hard-hitting kicks and powerful bass. Of course, that all sounds a little simplistic and I mean for it to be – you really need to listen to the tracks to get a full idea of their immense power.

“The Egde” and “Arabian Dreams” have the potential to be instant classics; and while “Again” might turn some listeners off with the unusual vocals, the drop is one of the best things I’ve heard this year. And finally, if you’ve had a thought in the back of your head, something along the lines of, “Wait… I’ve heard this before,” then “Expound The Sound” should take care of that.

Check out Capacity Frontier below!

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This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Woofax Puts Out Brilliant New “Capacity Frontier” EP On Impossible Records [PREMIERE]

Mura Masa Drops New Track With Desiigner From Debut Album

Tue, 05/16/2017 - 1:05pm

While we wait for Mura Masa’s self-titled debut album to drop on July 14, we’re still getting some fire new singles. His new track “All Around The World” was just recently debuted on BBC and it presents a side of the rapper that we’re not particularly used to. He actually… raps.

While Desiigner is known for mumble rap and the massive hits “Panda” and “Timmy Turner,” it seems that he really does manage to spit a few bars in the new single (though there’s still enough auto-tune to make T-Pain embarrassed). Meanwhile, Mura Masa’s production sits lightly behind it, occasionally flitting into the foreground with delicate and soft effects.

Mura Masa broke through with his 2015 EP Somewhere Someday and has only continued to push his own boundaries and work with more high profile collaborators. Pre-order his debut album on iTunes here.

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Mura Masa Drops New Track With Desiigner From Debut Album


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