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Advertise Your Business!

Party 95 offers advertisers an opportunity to reach audiences, in the new places they've moved... Online!

Party 95 also offers a wide range of advertising solutions from IAB-standard ad units as well as custom-sized ad units and branded entertainment.

Our advertising solutions include:

  • Sponsor and Brand Integration: Customized in-programming advertiser and sponsorship placements, coordinated with our standard media.
  • Interstitials, hosted promos and sponsorship bumpers
  • Host mentions to deliver key brand messaging
  • Scripted brand integration and sponsored segments
  • Site skinning and sponsored web content
  • Custom program development

Industry Standard Ad Solutions: Relevant rich media and video placements.

  • 300x25 and 468x60 banners and rich media on network sites and partner channels
  • In-stream audio ad units: pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll placements

Industry Leading Ad Serving, Tracking and Reporting: Measuring viewer reach, engagement and frequency.

Complete the form below to request our media kit and have an one of our advertising specialists develop the perfect solution for your business.

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